4.4 5 0 43 43 Learn about drones, shoot video and easily perform impressive tricks with this lightweight Ryze Tello drone. The 5-megapixel camera records JPEG photos and 720p MP4 video, and the Tello flies up to 10m vertically and up to 100m away. This Ryze Tello drone operates up to 13 minutes per charge. Perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education. Get yourself a Tello to find out just how awesome flying a drone can be!
DJI Tello Quadcopter Beginner Drone VR HD Video
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Super cool and easy to use
Easy to use. Great for video or picture taking. Very easy to hover. My 9 year old was able to fly this with ease. Faster than other drones I’ve flown. Same features as more expensive drones. Love it.
Bought this for my nephew and he loves it! You can see him flying it all over the property and (260 acre farm) and seeing how planting patterns have changed along with irrigation locations needing attention. I see an engineering in his future. I will continue to get upgraded models as his interest grows.
DJI Tello drone
This is the only drone I've ever owned so I am truly a beginner. This drone was pretty easy for me to operate and I was extra careful to use this safely. Seems like a good buy for the money
A drones a drone
Like all drones I’ve tried, they’re too hard to fly! I just can’t get it right!
Great drone
Bought this little drone for my husband. He absolutely loves that its so easy to use and operate. Its small and is a great drone to lean on. He liked it so much he bought a second one.
Great product
It is extremely portable, so this is basically an awesome selfie drone you could bring with you anywhere, easily. Not really aware of any other drones in this size range with the flight time of this thing. The app shows battery life and warns of low battery which is nice. Also shows speed and altitude.
Great for beginners overall pretty fun and good battery
A good beginner drone. Easy to operate yet it will test your flying skills.
Out of this world
Awesome drone. My fiance absolutely loved flying it. He was amazed with all the capabilities and functions it offers. It takes time to get used to the controller and hardest part was landing. If you have the patience this is a good starter drone. Propeller breaks easily so be careful flying close to things.
Alittle hard to use
I purchased this for my girls and husband although they enjoyed it but it was very difficult for them to manuver as far as guiding and connecting but it was still a blast got some good laughs so it was worth it.
It is a awesome product and really enjoyed trying this gives you hours of fun to get your family outside and the kids really enjoyed trying this.
I purchased this for my twin boys although they enjoyed it it was very difficult for them to manuver as far as guiding and connecting to the app. I would still recommend purchasing.
I actually never heard of this product before until when I bought it. Although I was a bit iffy with the price, I still bought it to have a test. I let my five-year old son tried it and he thought it was ok. Drone
Dji Tello
The battery life was very short also it was very hard to control and took a long time to connect to the app. They could make the battery life longer and fix the app with connecting to the drone
So Cool!!!
I absolutely LOVED this drone!!! It flew very well and was very easy to control the drone! It is so cool being able to get film footage so high up! I very much so would recommend this product!

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