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Doritos® Simply Organic White Cheddar Tortilla Chips
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This, is a beautiful thing!! I try to eat as “natural” and healthy as I can, but we all fail.... then they make these!! I can eat Doritos, pronounce the ingredients, and not feel guilty?!?! And they taste amazing!!! Yes please!! These are in my house a lot needless to say!
Ok for most part
For me there was not enough white cheddar flavoring. But the chip itself was very crunchy, and I do like that part about Doritos. This particular Doritos flavor has less grease as well. The lack of flavor though is the main reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5.
Simply Awesome!
Aside from Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor, Simply Organic Doritos White Cheddar chips are my family’s all-time favorite potato chips! I wish I could find them in the one-ounce packages that are so easy to throw in school and picnic lunches. Even my husband and I love snacking on them!
Awesome with my queso dip
I love these chips. They are so fresh and flavorful. I love the cheesy flavor and they taste as good as fresh ones from the restaurant. Healthy but enjoyable snacks. A great value!!
Love love the flavor. Quite shocked how good they are since they are healthier for you.
Eh they’re alright
I got these for my son since he loves Doritos but they are just not so healthy for him and I thought these may be a slightly better alternative but he wasn’t too impressed and neither was I. They aren’t bad but it does just taste more like a plain tortilla chip. May be good with some dip or guacamole.
Me personally I didn't like that fact it left a after taste.
Nice organic option
It doesn’t scream cheese like it’s non-organic brother. But it does taste good. I love the fact that more and more companies are joining the organic train. People need to have better options when it comes to food. Even though this is still junk food it is a little better choice since it doesn’t have artificial ingredients or colors and is totally organic! If you need chips in your life these are a great choice.
organic doritos
these are actually really good. don't usually eat organic. but i like these, cause the flavor is SO different taisting. but there could always be more in the bag!! :) totally recommend!
Crisp but lacking flavor
I really really want to love these chips but they were only okay. The chip was crunchy and great but the white cheddar flavor was not very strong. It tasted more like a lightly flavored plain tortilla chip.
Loved the cheddar flavor and no stickiness on hand while eating. It also is low n calories.
Better than the original
I’d eat these all day if I could because of the unique flavor they bring to the Doritos world. They’re something that is definitely worth a try. 10/10 would recommend.
Yummy 😋
Great chip! Has the great dorito flavor but it’s better for you
Can't eat just one
The Doritos Simply Organic chips are my favorite. They taste delicious and are so addicting. Love that white cheddar flavor and love the ingredients in the product. It is so easy to eat the whole bag at one time! I wish that the bag was bigger! They are also hard to find in stores.
Good flavor, would recommend to family and friends!

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