4.5 5 0 40 40 Dove Re-Hydrating Mist is perfect for redefining and rehydrating all hair types on days between washes. Our weightless formula instantly refreshes & rehydrates hair, leaving it feeling fresh and nourished.
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Worth the money
Wow I just love dove this a really great product for your hair, it made my hair feel healthy and fresh, what I like most about this product was how available it is to everyone. I would recommend everyone to buy this product.
Love it
I tried this and absolutely loved it I use this with my hectic schedule so my hair is clean and fresh even without washing
Simplely Amazing
I bought this product for myself, just to see how it did on my hair and see if I liked it. Couple days later got up not feeling like washing the hair so I grab my new bottle of #Dovescarebetweenwashesrehydratingmist to try it out. Well, with several sguirts of the most and running my hands and fingers thru my hair a pick here & there then blow dry and style as usual. I have to say it did Grreeaatt!! I love the fresh smell--amazing soft & full of bouncy shine, I Love it! It's truly SIMPLELY an AMAZING hair product that I will use a lot more. I'm definitely recommending this hair product to all my friends and family so they can get great fresh, shiney and bouncy hair in less then half the time and looks and smells like freshly washed! That's AMAZING!!! I SIMPLEY LOVE DOVES PRODUCTS!! Thanks #DOVES!!!
This is perfection in a bottle !! Me and my kids frequently purchase dove products. II love Dove it's a wonderful wonderful product
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist
I have an extensive travel schedule every month. This spray is a life saver when I arrive for briefings or meetings & don’t have time to wash, dry and style my waist length hair. Always gives a fresh look & feels great!
Love Dove products
I really like this spray, I honestly love anything that's Dove.In my opinion Dove makes good products the quality of their products is what I really like. I myself highly recommend this product oh and did i say it smells amazing
My Go to!!
Ok guys let's face it who has time for an every day hair wash. Um no one lol so this right here I was excited about. After trying it though I fell in love. I love Dover products anyway but this one made the top of my family's list!! I would recommend any busy body who is short on time go stick up on this.
I thought this product was really cool, because I’ve only heard of it but never used it until my coworker had it and let me use it at her house and I liked it since that time. Good stuff! Recommend
It not only leaves your hair amazing but it smells amazing %100
I use a lot of dove products . They are the best . Good value .
Dove does it again
I've always been a fan of dove products from there deodorant down to their lotions. I love that this isn't powdery like a lot of dry shampoos I've tried. This leaves your hair feeling and looking fresh as well as that great dove smell. Will certainly purchase again.
Leaves your hair smelling great and looking like you haven't raised three kids and neglected yourself💁🏼
Love it!
I love this because it’s not powdery like dry shampoo. It’s refreshing and makes my hair soft and smelling wondering. I don’t wash my hair everyday because it’s too drying and I love having this in between washes.
Great product
I’ve always been a fan of Dove products. Grew up using Dove white bar soap and still the only soap I use! They have stepped up their game with haircare products. I use a few! This is the best drugstore option! I know no longer use high end products!!
he product fragrance is a bright fresh citrus smell, but was missing the notes of coconut to my nose. Still very pleasant, lightweight formula without much over-spray. Used on two-day old hair with good results.

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