4.7 5 0 105 105 Dove Re-Hydrating Mist is perfect for redefining and rehydrating all hair types on days between washes. Our weightless formula instantly refreshes & rehydrates hair, leaving it feeling fresh and nourished.
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I love this stuff!! It makes my daughters hair soft and manageable between washes. She now goes 2-3 days with just using this and dry shampoo and her hair looks great. Highly recommend!!
Hair Refresh
I love this product, works very well on my long hair, that I don’t always want to wash every day. It’s lightweight, light refreshing scent. Hair Magic
This is a good, weightless spray for those in between washing your hair days!! It gives it volume, smells fabulous, and re-vamps your hair for the day!! You can go 2 days without shampoo!! Love it!!
Love it
I love how this product works, it hydrates my hair just right. It doesn't leave my hair oily or weighed down in between washes. It has a great smell and will last all day I've noticed. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends s.
Good product. I loved not having to wash my hair every day.
This is very good product and not harmful for our skin
I love the fact that it keeps ny hair non frizzy. I like all dove products. I think it is great
I love it
excellent product for the hair ... moisturizes and softens all your hair to make it more manageable and thus be able to show off a spectacular hair.
Dove in between washes
I absolutely loved it, love how it leaves your hair refreshing and looks clean in between washes. It smells amazing as well!! Dry shampoo is definitely my to go to!
Nice smell
I thought this was a good product and did all that it's supposed to do. I thought it smelled really good. I don't know that I will add this to my hair care routine but I would consider using it again in the future and I would recommend it to others looking for this type of product for their hair.
Dove Between Washes Spray
I loved Dove Care Between Washes Spray because it left my hair feeling so fresh and soft, just like I had just washed it. Also, as with all of Dove's haircare products, it smells so great! It leaves hair shiny, soft, clean, and refreshed, for those days you just don't have time to wash it. I will definitely be adding this to my haircare routine!
Love this product
I m using this product since childhood and watches my mom sister aslo uses dove.. This is really awsome Cares about our hair. Its got sentimental now in my family
I love how makes your hair feel so soft and shiney and I hope everyone gets to try this product out soon and I hope comes different smells
Smells so good
What can I say all of doves products smell absolutely amazing and that's enuf to make u wanna use it . I appreciate drive for actually being good at delivering to us the great n only great dents. They have no bad taste on that 😉 I buy for my boss he has a rug time with one leg I'm his care giver n I get it so he doesn't feel embarrassed and because it's it's dove brand so he especially likes it he doesn't like cheap brand items
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist! I love ❤️ looking good between washes and it really makes my hair feel healthy and soft.

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