4.7 5 0 90 90 Dove Re-Hydrating Mist is perfect for redefining and rehydrating all hair types on days between washes. Our weightless formula instantly refreshes & rehydrates hair, leaving it feeling fresh and nourished.
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist
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Dove Between Washes Spray
I loved Dove Care Between Washes Spray because it left my hair feeling so fresh and soft, just like I had just washed it. Also, as with all of Dove's haircare products, it smells so great! It leaves hair shiny, soft, clean, and refreshed, for those days you just don't have time to wash it. I will definitely be adding this to my haircare routine!
Love this product
I m using this product since childhood and watches my mom sister aslo uses dove.. This is really awsome Cares about our hair. Its got sentimental now in my family
I love how makes your hair feel so soft and shiney and I hope everyone gets to try this product out soon and I hope comes different smells
Smells so good
What can I say all of doves products smell absolutely amazing and that's enuf to make u wanna use it . I appreciate drive for actually being good at delivering to us the great n only great dents. They have no bad taste on that 😉 I buy for my boss he has a rug time with one leg I'm his care giver n I get it so he doesn't feel embarrassed and because it's it's dove brand so he especially likes it he doesn't like cheap brand items
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist
Dove Care Between Washes Restyler Re-Hydrating Mist! I love ❤️ looking good between washes and it really makes my hair feel healthy and soft.
Nice product. Makes my hair feeling good. Goes well with the dry shampoo.
Good product
This is a great product for between washes it does its job for sure. It keeps hair feeling fresh and clean. I think the product is great as it is. I have recommended to many of my friends and family.
Would buy it again. It’s refreshing and a little pricey but worth it .. Looking for a fresh start to the day or use during the day for a daily refresher.
Dove restlyle
I love dove products, this one in particular i like using after a light workout before i get home to shower. My hair doesnt look a mess and the scent is light like most of their products.
Bien hidratante tal cual me encanta como deja mi piel me gusta esta marca Dove
Perfect way to restyle and rehydrate
I have super curly, kinky hair, which means that my hair also tends to be very dry and have a lot of frizz. To combat this I don't wash my hair every day, this means that I need to find away to restyle my hair without having to fully wet it down every morning. I absolutely love this spray because with a few spritz I can scrunch my hair back into shape and be on my way out the door. This spray is hydrating so it helps keep down the frizz, without weighing down my style of making my hair feel greasy. The fresh Clean smell helps to make me feel refreshed, without the overly perfumed scent that many between wash products can have. So if you re looking for an inexpensive product that will help your hair to be healthy and manageable without breaking the bank, this is it!
I loved this
I Loved and smells so good it works great and would recommend every lady to try it
Boucyfresh curls
I love this scent and it smells so clean and fresh and leaves my curls so bouncy. Great results
dove hair care
I like to use dove hair care between washes of my hair to keep my hair looking fresh and clean I like using dove more then any other brand
Leaves hair very hydrateded
Leaves hair very bouncy and full of hydration.. not as oily as the milkly product. It's an H20 bomb for the hair.. I have a stock pile of thes badboys.

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