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Dove cucumber wipes
I simply love the smell of cucumbers, it's aroma makes you feel as if you're in the spa getting a massage. It's not easy to get that certain smell but Dove nailed it! Their wipes and body wash are to die for. I could buy endless amount of their product, can't get enough.
Skin is ledt feeling clean soft and great !! Works great
Summer Fresh Feeling
THis is such a great product. Awesome clean feeling after wiping off a hard days work. Most makeup came off, and it was such a refreshing feeling afterwards.
Las toallas poseen una rica fragancia duradera. Recomendadas 💯 %.
Loved it, did the job and smells amazing! Although it can work on the moisturizing part of the job. Loved the design of the package too, it looks very pretty and not cheap. I woyld totally recommend this!
Love the smell
I received a sample pack of these and ran to the store to by a full pack. The wipes leave you clean and smelling amazing. It’s not so strong of a smell Its just right.
Easy to take with you, covers up any unwanted musk and leaves a refreshing feeling.
!Refreshing and NEW
I loved this product! It left my face feeling soft and clean. The quality and moistness of the tissue is amazing. Only thing would be to add more to the pack. 100% would recommend!!
Awesome deordrant wipes! Dove RULES!!!!!
East to use. No muss. Smells great! I put one pak in my purse in case I needed to refresh my regular deodorant. Then I just switched to DOVE !!!!! Who knew ????
Great Product
I love the Dove products, especially the foaming soaps, so naturally ai wanted to try the deodorant wipes. They are refreshing and cool for summer comfort. Nothing makes you feel better than a clean,cool wipe when you are hot and sweaty. I leave mine in the cooler!!
Super recomendables
Excelentes tuallitas me encantan no maltratan la piel y huelen muy rico
Awesome (
Great for a quick refresher and easier to carry around with you then deodorant. And as always the scent is perfect!
Deodorant wipes
These are awesome to keep in my purse or in my truck for emergency applications especially in the summer. Ive made the mistake of having deodorant sticks in my car in the summer and they melted everywhere. Everything from this brand is great.
fresh breeze
that is very refreshing and good care product especially for summer hot times.
I love how this makes me feel so refreshed and has a wonderful sent. I liked how this product smelled.

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