Dove DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion Soothing Itch Relief

4.9 5 0 159 159 A unique blend of skin-protecting colloidal oatmeal and high levels of moisturisers, this is one of the best lotions for eczema from Dove.
Dove DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion Soothing Itch Relief


Good moisturizer
Nice thick moisturizer. I use it at night and let it soak in.
Dove DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion Soothing Itch Relief. My skin was so flaky before i tried this lotion. It is not greasy. Its wonderful
Dove Eczema Relief Lotion
I'm so happy with the itch relief of Dove Eczema lotion! My skin was so itchy, flaky, and dry before I tried this lotion. It's not greasy, yet it is thick, which is great. It absorbs well and stays on throughout the day. It's a little pricey, but definitely worth it, especially for the larger size.
Great or flare ups.
This lotion has been a lifesaver for my self and my son when our eczema flares up. I keep a small version in my purse and his baby bag and i spot treat with it mainly and it helps almost instantly for the spot to go down.
no more itch
This cream is for eczema which I dont have but i do have very dry skin. This seems to work to stop the itch and anything that does that is great for me
Love love
I love this lotion my poor babt has excema bad once I get her out bath I lather her in this lotion to keep her body hydrated
Excellent product
Dove Eczema Relief Cream seriously works wonderfully! Plus it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy
It was great at giving relief from the itching but didnt clear all the redness, thankful it did help moisturize the dryness
Soothes eczema itching!
I have had eczema my entire life and tried Dove DermaSeries Eczema Body Lotion Soothing Itch Relief and it did exactly what the product name says - soothes the eczema itch!
I swear by this stuff! My two year old has really bad eczema and has red dry patches all over her legs that get worse if she takes a bath everyday or comes into contact with water and I tried everything I put this on her all the time and it has helped tremendously you can’t even tell she has eczema because it nourishes so well this has been the only one I have found so far that works the best for my daughter I will definitely buy again!
Dove DermaSeries Eczema itch relief cream works wonders on those irritating patches of skin that you just can't seem to stop itching! Works fast, no oily residue left on skin, and works quickly for that instant relief you seek! A++ Product!
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This product is amazing! I too suffer from light eczema and tried this product instead of going back to my dermatologist to get a prescription. It's amazing! Stopped the itching and my blemishes are really faint to almost gone now after using it for about 2 weeks. I love Dove products; started using Dove before body wash (bar soap...hello) and this is another product that I will continue to use daily. Can this be made in a bigger bottle perhaps?!?!
i just bought this for my little grandson and it works wonders and he has senstive skin and this is one of the best i have tried for him
iwould love to try this product, not for me but for my daughter she could benafit using thisproduct.

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