Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Face Wash for Dry Skin

4.7 5 0 157 157 Dove DermaSeries dry skin relief gentle cleansing face wash is a soap-free cleanser with a unique blend of skin-natural lipids and mild cleansing actives that offers creamy care for dry, delicate skin.
Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Face Wash for Dry Skin


This face wash is AMAZING!
This is my to-go facial wash for everyday use! I have always been such a huge fan of Dove products & when this face wash came out in stores I HAD to get it. It leaves my face so incredibly soft & smooth & just after one wash my face was glowing!
Love this!!
I started using this because I had some severe dry/flaky/scaly patches of skin on my face. I needed a cleanser that was non-foaming so it wouldn't dry out my skin further. This is a great option for people dealing with dry skin. It cleans well, is gentle, and doesn't leave your skin tight like some foaming cleansers.
Excelente for dry skin
I have used this product for a about a year now; my face and arms get flaky and dry from lupus and this is one of the only products that help my dry skin, it’s also one of the few products that do not burn when i put it on it leaves your skin extra soft i love it would definitely recommend
Great facial wash
This is perfect for sensitive skin. No rash or itchy skin and your face feels clean and smooth.
Great product
Love Dove. And this product is great for teenagers that are starting to develop acne. Instead of a harsh chemicals, those alarms for your skin to be washed left the smooth and stay clean by opening up the pores and allowing dirt and everything Yucky come out. Are use this product for my 12-year-old whose skin is still smooth as a babies they don’t want his face to be ruined.
Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Face Wash for Dry Skin. This really helps with my dry skin
Dove Face Wash
This Dove face wash is refreshing and takes away all of the dirt and grim from the day. My face felt clean and moisturized after using this product.
Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Face Wash for Dry Skin
#DoveDermaSeries Helps with dry skin this face wash prevents my face from getting dry and flaky. I will be using it a lot this winter. Highly recommend this.
a bit oily
I tried a sample of this product last year and wasn't very fond of it. I found it to be a bit oily and even greasy. It left a film on my skin. I also didn't feel it hydrated my skin either.
A Really Moisturizing Cleanser
I was blown away by how moisturizing this cleanser was on its own. It left my face feeling quite soft. I'm a little concerned about whether my face serums will penetrate the moisturizing layer of this cleanser though. It's a really nice cleanser for those days when you don't want to use any other skincare products besides additional moisturizer and sunscreen. I'm going to test this moisturizer out this winter in combination with an oil cleanser during my double cleanse routine.
So far, so good!
I have combination skin that varies with the seasons, but this cleanser is great when my skin is drier. I’m not sure if this cleanser is best used on dry or damp skin, but a little goes a long way! Would consider repurchasing (:
Complete Cleanser
I love this cleanser! It removes old skin cells, dirt, and oil to keep my skin clear! I love how my skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated!
Gentle and Soothing
Purchased this Dove DermaSeries Face Wash a few days ago after dealing with irritation from using a wash from a comparable brand. This wash feels like a lotion but thoroughly removes excess oil and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and fresh. I like to pair this with the DermaSeries Face Cream for extra protection from dryness.
Love Dove
Dove Dermaseries face wash for dry skin works exceptionally well! I have found a product that finally works and that I have confidence in using!
refreshed and soothing
Dove Derma Series is the new go to item for my dry skin. I tried this last week and have used every day since. I am glad i chose to get this brand. I read reviews and users details and am not surprised at all at the effectiveness of this face wash. Definately better than other leading face washes!

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