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Spray on!
I love this and thing it’s actually easier to use. I think it lasts as long as regular deodorant and smells just as food I also love the cucumber scent I would recommend this
Didn’t last.
I liked the idea of trying out a spray instead of a stick but this just didn’t seem to last throughout the day and it was used up much fast than the stick.
Simply Done, Simply Dove
Subtle clean scent that is not overpowering or obviously fragranced once on. Also more hygienic than traditional stick deodorant, and leaves less white marks than traditional sticks as well.
Dove for the WIN!
This product is my absolute favorite deodorant! I love that I can apply it and it works all day long! The scents are absolutely perfect! My favorite part was saying goodbye to stains on your shirts (from armpits). I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants something that lasts all day, that does not stain your shirts, and wants to feel refreshed!
Love the dry spray
I love the dry spray version of the dove deodorants. So much better than the solid version and dries super quickly.
Love dove
I absolutely love all dove products, also one thing good about dove is they will honor any product that you get & are not satisfied with by sending you coupons for a free item & also a a few more coupons for free or 50% off other dove items
Love it
I love the dove dry spray. I works so good. I can be active all day and I will not smell sweaty at all. It doesn't leave any residue. I will purchase dove dry spray over and over.
Love it
I really love this product after I got a sample I bought more and I even recommended this to my mom and really just everyone I know.
Great smell but needs to last longer
I love the smells of the Dove deodorant sprays and they are easy to apply. However I feel like it doesn't last my whole day. I think it wears off and I usually apply more near dinner time. I love the product and the brand it's just not 100% for me.
Good Deodorant!!
I tried Dove dry spray deodorant for the first time recently and I liked it! I like the different varieties and scents Dove dry spray deodorant comes it. I also like how convenient it is to use but, I have only one complaint. I like Dove dryspray for the most part but, the coldness when you spray it on is too cold for me to use everyday. I will still use Dove dry along with my regular deodorant but not as often.
i use it every day,spray that does not drip or stain,refreshing smell.
amazing product
I like all products "Dove" does not irritate me its fragrance is not annoying if it keeps me dry enough time during the day
Dove Spray
I loved this and it is my new go to spray. It works.. It does not leave any time of residue or white mess either on your clothes or anything.
Keeps you dry
I love this dry spray deodorant. It really smell good, and it keep me dry all day. It does not leave a with residue. This is one of my favorite dove products. I would recommend this.
really love all things Dove clean. I always have. It works very well and this one is just as great as the rest. I am so glad the empire has continued to create masterpieces for feeling clean and dry..

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