4.7 5 0 425 425 Polish your way to smooth, soft skin with something different Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk.
Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub
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I got a mini one of these free with my purchase of a dove body wash. I loved it so much I had to get more
Decent, moisturizing
I usually prefer thicker body scubs with sugar or salt, but this was a nice alternative. The grains are small so it is less abrasive while still being exfoliating. I have other scents as well that smell very nice.
Great body scrub
I purchased this product a while back, in need of a scrub. I thoroughly was impressed with the Dove Body Scrub. I had never used dove product for body wash and was skeptical but I was impressed with the texture and with the end result. It left my skin smooth and hydrated.
I loved the smell of it , really exfoliated my skin made soft could tell after a few uses. After trying I use regularly have tryed other scents too liked all but with Dove you can count on this brand 😀
Soft skin
This product is awesome! Left me super soft and clean. Dove never fails me.
I just bought this it smell great and leave the body soft and clean for health glow skin. I wish it was in a large size but I have buy more I guess you never go wrong with Dove a product make for women and stand behind us.
So this is a good Dove product. It’s a body exfoliating polish. It smells so nice and makes my skin feel so soft! I really like this product! My only problem I had with it is how much of the product you have to use to exfoliate your whole body, but it doesn’t really cost a whole lot of money so I guess I will still continue to purchase it. It exfoliates and moisturizes my skin at the same time and I really think you should give this product a try if you have never tried a body exfoliating polish before.
Love the light fragrance
Perfect for after shaving! Not to harsh of a scrub to use all over the body
Love this product
This dove scrub smells amazing and works so well the only issue is getting it out of the tub with long nails or even grabbing some out I waste it then but works wonders
A must have body exfoliate
I have been using this for over a year as it became a bath essential since the first use. It smell so good and leaves my skin so soft and clean, i use it mainly on body folds specially under arm and it helps so much keeping the area soft and way brighter. I absolutely recommend this for everyone.
Excellent Exfoliate!
Good product to add to your shower routine! Exfoliates and moisturizes and it has that Dove signature scent. I recommend it to anyone.
Felt watered down
It felt nice but a little watery, but makes skin feel smooth and soft
I love Dove
Dove has always been a product in my Grandmothers and mothers house this is a very good product it keeps my skin soft and silky
smooth like a baby
I love this stuff epically after I shave I use this scrub after for the most smoothness and this works it is very oily so be carful not to slip but ill take that fall to feel my legs summer ready and once u dry off its not that way any more u just fill soft
Smells and feels heavenly
For a cheaper scrub, this is very appealing in terms of scent and not too harsh in terms of scrub power. I likes how it made rough areas like elbows feel softer.

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