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Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub
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Dove Exfoliating Body Polish
I love the Dove Body Polish. I tried the Macadamia and Rice Milk formula and the first thing I noticed was the fantastic scent! Then, I tried it in the shower and it just got better. It left my skin feeling so soft, while scrubbing off the flakes and dry skin I had. Definitely recommend this for softer, more radiant skin fresh out of the shower.
Gentle exfoliator, could be better
My all-time favorite exfoliation product (for body, not face) is Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish, and while Dove's Exfoliating Body Polish doesn't take 1st place over Kiehl's or even 2nd place, (Love, Beauty & Planet's Sugar & Rose Creamy Body Polish) I'd say it's a distant 3rd. I'm not the biggest fan of either scent and it's a bit too greasy feeling on the skin for everyday use for me personally, but it's moisturizing enough and does a decent job of polishing away the rough, dry skin revealing softer, smoother, healthier looking skin underneath. And the fact that it's always stocked at my neighborhood grocery store and local pharmacy in addition to the affordable price point add a few brownie points too. Overall, it's not my favorite but it's certainly not the worst, and I'd choose it over a bar of soap any day.
I liked it
I liked it. It left my skin soft and it's fragrance was with me all day long on my skin.
I have very sensitive skin and so went in with limited expectations.. I loved the smell and I used a Very small amount and did not use it too aggressively due to my own personal experience with products ( luckily). It is The Best and I will probably buy it again. But for me it is extremely drying. So I will have to follow with an intense moisturizer or oil. I am sure that is not the intention or the case for most people, lucky me.
love the way it removes dead skin
I have started using this product once, sometimes twice a week and i love the way it smells and also it removes all the dead skin cells off my body making my body feel cleaner and soft!
I was eyeing this product for awhile and decided to purchase it. Smells delicious! My skin is always refreshed after the shower and my boyfriend always compliments how I smell after using this. Would highly recommend!
Feeling clean
After using this product, I felt so smooth and clean. The roughness of the product removes so much dead skin and things from your skin a regular body wash simply cannot. Smells great, also
Removed dead skin
This body scrub has made a huge difference in my skin. Before I started using it, my skin was very bumpy on the backs of my arms and raised on my legs. I used this body scrub a few times a week and now I have smooth baby skin! It’s also removed all the dead skin and has my skin looking so nice now. It’s not very expensive and it’s up there with other high end brands.
I love Doves exfoliating body polish. A new loyal user. The kiwi seed polish is my fave. It has light pleasant scent, the seeds are tiny for better exfoliation and it rinses easy off. The downside is the price. It should be more affordable
Feels good till after the shower
I was very excited to try this body scrub as there are so many positive reviews. It smells great. It washes clean. It feels good! However, after the shower, my skin is SO dry. Like burning dry. Ouch. May be in the minority on this one, but I will not purchase again.
Love this Dove product!
I love this wash/exfoliate! I have to admit I use it more than just once a week!
I love this scrub
I absolutely love this body scrub. I have tried the all three kinds. I think the Kiwi and the Pomegranate are the best ones. They smell wonderful and my skin is super soft after I use it. I have bumpy skin on my arms and thighs and this has worked wonders at controlling it. My arms and legs are a lot smoother. Also when I get home from work my chest is itchy from sweating in my bra. I use this on my chest and by the time I get out of the shower I'm not itchy. I love love love this product.
The Perfect Scrub
I got a free sample in the mail and I absolutely love this stuff. I use an exfoliate at least once a week and this one is great. It has great ingredients and a light scent but it works like a powerhouse. I have purchased the full size already and use it regularly.
I got a sample of this in the mail months ago. I tried it out and I really like and plan on purchasing a full size next time I see in store.
Very gentle exfoliator and smells great. I love how soft it leaves my skin after using it.

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