4.7 5 0 736 736 Polish your way to smooth, soft skin with something different Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk.
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Vanilla goodness
It smells just like a nutty, vanilla scent to me. My skin is soft after just one use of this product.
Beginning Exfoliant
I recommend this product to my friends who don't exfoliate or just beginning to. First this is the only scent of the dove exfoliants I like. It is clean, soothing scent that isn't overwhelming and is pleasant. It is a non harsh exfoliant. I use it three days a week in between the days I use a more harsh scrub. It is slightly abrasive feeling on your skin but it is soothing to use and does a great job of leaving your skin smooth, soft and lifting the dead skin away. I have glowing soft skin from head to toe and this is part of the reason why. At the price, you can't go wrong trying this and adding it to your shower routine
Makes my skin smoth
Love how it makes my skin feel. Gently while it exfoliates my skin leaves it feeling soft and smoth. Doesn't dry out my skin likes other scrubs
Smells amazing
I got a sample of this in a sub box and I was hooked. This works wonderful and left my skin so soft. The smell is amazing and I have since purchased a full size
this is one of the best body scrub I've tried. Not only does it smell good, but it actually exfoliates and leaves your body feeling super soft and smelling delish. Definitely give this a try!
Worth buying
This the the best product for exfoliation! Smells so good and great for the price. Leaves my skin so soft and smooth. Already bought 2 containers.
Love this product. After one use I could immediately feel the difference in my skin after a shower. My skin felt smooth, soft & hydrated.
Good product
This is a nice exfoliant. It is still very gentle but also efficient. Leaves your skin feeling clean soft and smooth. It has a nice smell also.
Excelente producto. Deja la piel bien limpia y suave
Oh wow! I loved this! It made my skin silky smooth. And I've used top notch products that cost way more than this and didn't do half as well. I've bought this twice since sampling.
This is so good
I once received this as a sample from another company and man this really works. I have very dry skin and so I am always needing to exfoliate and when I tried this I now don’t need to use the other products I used to. This leaves my skin so smooth and silky and soft. It even smells amazing. I truly love this product. I definitely recommend this product.
Best of the Best
Love all of Dove products but this body scrub is over the top. Love it's creamy yet polish look, does a great job making my skin feel refreshed and lovely.
Silky smooth
I tried this Dove exfoliating body polish and it left my skin so soft not to mention it smells good
Too gentle
The body scrub smelled nice, but I like more grit in my body scrub. So I gave the scrub to my kids after the first use and they loved it!
Soft and silky
I used this as an after shave wash and scrubbed my skin. My heavens. It left me so silky and soft. I really enjoy this product a lot.

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