4.8 5 0 242 242 Specifically developed for men''s skin, this men''s bar soap has a unique formulation inspired by natural ingredients like charcoal and clay, and delivers a boost of freshness with every use.
Dove Men + Care Elements Body and Face Bar Charcoal + Clay
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Dove mens soap rocks!!
This soap works amazing!! It smells good and doesn't leave a dry feeling. Scrubs great in all the right places. Maybe start making scrubbing bar soap for women too!!
My guy approves!
He’s pretty picky. I’m not going to lie there. And I got him some of this to give it a shot. Needless to say after a few uses he was a happy guy. Two thumbs up! Both of us would recommend!
Love this soap. Bought it for my husband and older boys. They love the scent and how it felt after.
Finally soap for a man that works!
A great soap for daily cleansing that feels good and leaves you feeling like a man and not smelling flowery or drying out your manly skin. The charcoal is very nice , I wish there was more of that. And please make a matching shampoo!
Husband loves this!
My husband is a little picky about soaps and body washes he uses. He is a railroad worker and gets very dirty and dusty from being in the tracks and welding. Some of the stuff he comes in contact with is hard to remove. When he uses this soap he says he feels and looks much cleaner than with other bar soaps and body washes. But it doesn't leave him dried out and itchy. We both love the scent!!
My son loves this
I bought this for my son and he really likes it. He says he feels and smells clean after. Not a man of many words. 😂
Nice smell
Hisband loved this soap. Left his skin feeling clean with a nice clean smell.
Husband loves this.
This is great. Smells good and helps my husband with his cystic acne.
Great product!
These soap bars are very good. They smell refreshing, leave you feeing nice and clean, and are very affordable. However, they do disappear rather quickly, so I would get a soap bar holder for them to preserve them. All in all, great product!!!
Skin care
We have used many Dove products in our house. It’s a great brand to buy products for everyone in your family. These bar soaps has a fresh smell and my husband love that smell after washing his hands. It gives you a good soothing freshness after every shower
My favorite for my husband
I have buy this product for my husband religiously, love the way it smells and feels every time he uses it I just can stay away. Great value for your money and for your honey
Mi espo
Me gusto mucho el olor y deja la piel de mi esposo suave y perfumada
A scent that last
Dove is as great product. Their men's collection has a long lasting scent and leaves you with a clean feeling.
One of the Best
My husband absolutely loves dove body wash and dove soap bar, the smell is great and even I use it in the shower sometimes the scent last longer than I expected it would 🥰. I will be continuing purchasing this product also very great on the skin.
Dove Family
We are a dove family here and when my husband found out that Dove had men bar soap he was beyond thrilled. We bought the Charcoal one and since we’ve stuck with that one. Smells amazing and keeps him smelling clean all day.

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