4.8 5 0 192 192 Specifically developed for men''s skin, this men''s bar soap has a unique formulation inspired by natural ingredients like charcoal and clay, and delivers a boost of freshness with every use.
Dove Men + Care Elements Body and Face Bar Charcoal + Clay
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the only thing I can say is that it is excellent I highly recommend it, I can't stop loving it
My boys love this product from Dove. I have also tried it! It smells so good! Makes your skin soft and smell good! If you have not tried it, you need to go out and buy it!
great product
my husband uses this. and it is his favorite. he loves the smell of it. and its not expensive either!
Dove men hair care
It's very light weight and leaves your hair shine and soft. I would defanitly recommend this product. And if you have that significant other he smells so good when he uses it.
Quality product
My husband loves this brand! He enjoys the scent plus it is effective yet gentle on skin & hair.
Got this for last christmas
My wife got this for me on last Christmas. i love it. Scent is awesome. Give a very fresh feelings.
Love the smell!
Best soap for men, my husband loves it and even I use it sometimes 😁
dove men plus care
hubby works in construction and has very sensitive skin, this works amazing and is the only soap he will use
Men’s Dove bar
My brother buys this a lot! My brother says it’s a really nice silky feeling and not to hard. I personally haven’t used it I’m female BUT when the boys in my house hold does omg it smells AMAZING!!! Just on the smell along it’s worth it! Highly recommend thumbs up in this house 🙂
Husband loves it
My husband loves using Dove and likes this one even more because it is for men. He likes how it makes his skin feel as well as the scent. Dove has always been his go-to bar soap.
Thumbs up for this stuff
I got this for my husband and son. I have to say i use it also. We love the dove men entire line of products. Leaves skin soft , clean feeling without residue, and smells great.
Good cleanse
My son actually uses this and I liked this brand as it did not strip his face completely but yet made it clean
My husband's new soap
I purchased this for my husband to try it. He loves it. It leaves his skin soft and doesn't leave any residue on his skin. It smells amazing. Our son tried a bar and has all but switched up to this soap as well. He has very sensitive skin.
My boyfriend loves the new scent!
His skin feels really soft! He’s already in love with dove! This just took the cake. The scent is my favorite.
My man loves dove
My man uses dove so much from their body wash to their shampoo and conditioner however he feels like the bar leaves a residue on his skin

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