4.7 5 0 130 130 Dove Men+Care Elements Charcoal + Clay Bar is a mens bar soap that both provides a deep, purifying clean for mens skin, but also leaves you feeling energized, refreshed, and renewed.
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Love it
I love the Charcoal scent of the soap. I have been using the deodorant and toothpaste as well. The deodorant also smells amazing.
Helps my skin!
I trust Dove and this soap from the men's line is amazing, my hubby using it and I sneaked and used it too. I love the clean feel had my skin.
Top face cleanser
This the the best thing to use especially after a long jog or a long work out
Love the smell
Words from my husband This soap has a subtle smoky scent with some exfoliant sand-type particles. It works well, leaves my skin feeling smooth, and it's a great price. I hope they continue this type forever.
Dove always has great products and this is in a bar form which is great because my husband can thrown it in his rack at work . Smells great and doesnt dry his skin out
Finally a mens product that actually cleans your face
Teenager approved
I bought this for my 15 year old son. He uses it every morning to wash his face, he wasn't really into the face scrubs so this is a great alternative. It smells great and leaves his skin clean and fresh.
Love me some Dove!
My husband and sons love the way this feels on their skin! I love the smell!
Great scent
I got this for my husband and he loves it. That's saying something cause he doesn't like much, somewhat of a picky person. Lucky me huh? Lol. He has trouble with cleansers breaking out his face. But this one is gentle enough and no break outs. The scent is awesome but some might find it a lil overpowering. Not me though lol
Dove men +care
My son uses this product and it's clearing up his face ; he loves it.
Love it
Love this product. Husband used to get a rash when ever he uses any soap on his face except for dove men. It smells amazing too
Dove Men+Care Elements Body and Face Bar Charcoal + Clay works wonders, it keeps the face feeling clean and fresh without any irrataion
Mans best friend.
I got this for my huaband and it leaves him smelling almost edible after a bath. His skin is soft now without him feeling like he is using a girly product.
Dove Bar Charcoal + Clay
Enjoy the charcoal clean feeling with a pleasant scent. Feeling invigorated after shower and clean. The clay provides a rich base leaving a smooth feeling. Great for sensitive skin
Okay soap
I prefer the deep clean bar to this, because the clay bar has an overpowering scent. It's not necessarily a bad scent and at least you don't need any fragrance in your bathroom with this soap. It also has similar granules like that of the deep clean. The phrase, taking a bath in cologne, seems to come to come to mind. Dove should really consider putting the new soaps in single, travel sizes, and variety packs for people to try.

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