Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar

4.7 5 0 146 146 This new Dove beauty bar combines the cleansing benefits of micellar water with the nourishment of Dove.
Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar


Soap bar
For me, the only brand of soap I use is Dove. I love the scents they offer, especially this one, and I don't feel like there's a film on my body after rinsing. I don't glow or anything afterwards, but I do feel much better after using this soap. Shea Butter is one of my favorites, but honestly, I haven't found a scent that I didn't like. I think Dove is an exceptionally good product, excellent for my skin, my health, and my happiness. I highly recommend.
Micellar soap?
I love Dove soaps. This one is amazing. It’s smells so good. It’s also very gentle on the skin, and feels very moisturized even afterwards.
Great Soap
I love this new soap, especially after workouts. It so fresh plus it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft but never dry. I'm very sensitive to fragrance but luckily this scent doesn't bother my skin at all.
Dove is everything
I love dove my mom has always used dove. It's amazing and smells amazing and it's the best.
Love this product
We always use dove products especially bar soaps. You dont need to worry about residue. The smell is always top notch and it doesnt dissolve quickly like other soaps.
I LOVE using dove soaps this one, all of them are so clean and fresh feeling and smelling. I will ALWAYS use dove as long as they continue to make it. It's amazing! It's DR recommended too!
Smells great
Great soap. I really enjoyed using this soap. It smells nice
Best bar soap
This is about the only brand of bar soap we buy. Love the scents and it feels good on the skin without leaving a thick residue or trying to rinse the soap off for a while. Feels light and clean!
I love dove products and this is amazing. one of my many favs
Not a dove fan
It got 2 stars because of its great scent. However i just have never really liked any dove product that i have tried. I don't know why but dove just doesn't do it for me. Don't lovez it.
Dove Soap
Dove soap is not like other soap because it doesn’t dry out my skin. The smell is so good, I like to purchase it from Costco because it’s big package and good price as well. Th
My favorite soap bar
Love Dove soap bar so much. It’s been a classic for my family ever since I was born. The smell always give me good memories from when my grandma used to take care of me and give me baths as a child.
This is a beautifully smelling soap & brand you can TRUST to get your family's skin clean! Now as far as FEELING LESS STRESSED I believe the ADVERTISING SLOGAN for this is MISLEADING...a SPA TUB or LONG SHOWER can DESTRESS YOU, but no BAR of SOAP can.
Because I ♡ Dove
I like it. I'm not sure what miceller is or if it is important in the soap, but I like the new bar. Stress, nah! The bar of soap is gentle and effective. I like that it lathers good and the bar is white. Smells good too. I like to shave with it. A nice product but hard to find on the country store shelves. I picked mine up at Walmart when I was there last Thursay. Smiles
feel great
I enjoy washing up with this Dove beauty bar. My skin feels great after use and I feel fresh. I use after my most stressful days, right before bed. 10/10

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