4.6 5 0 78 78 This new Dove beauty bar combines the cleansing benefits of micellar water with the nourishment of Dove.
Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar
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I love this soap! It makes my skin feel clean and soft. The scent is not overwhelming, just fresh and clean I use it for entire body 🙂
I love this bar soap and find it works better than any liquid body soap I have used previously. My dermatologist recommended I use a bar soap over body wash since he said it's better for our skin. This was a great change and one that I will never regret making.
Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar
I just love ❤️ this #DoveMicellarBeautyBar. After using this you feel refreshed. I like 💗 that they put Micellar into a beauty bar. No more stress just try it out #HTCBeautys
Smells great
Received this product complimetary. It smelled great and didn't dry out my skin like many soaps. Nice lather too.
Smells great
I have loved the Dove brand forever and this soap is great
I love Dove soap. Especially this one. It helps greatly in my routine to get rid of my stress. Leaves my skin silky smooth. Smells heavenly. Definitely recommend
This product does its job. But to me I felt like the soap was sticky and hard to get off! I loved that the soap came in individual bars. And I would immprove the thickness of product!
I recently purchased this and have been using it for about a month,and it keeps the oily ness on my face down sun spots lighten and all around clean feeling. No residue left after rinsing. Will buy more
Mine evaporated after one use. I left it in the guest room for people. I used it once. It was the one excellent bar but then there were no more. I never bought it again since
I purchased this not really knowing what to expect and I finished still not knowing lol! I mean it cleaned me yes and skin is soft just like the other kind but all they it said it would do...I’m not truly convinced! Oh and it smells good!!
Love Dove
I usually use Dove bars and I like the cucumber one and the exfoliating ones. I had never seen this one before so I tried it. Wow! I love the smell! It’s not over powering but smell really good. Also, my skin felt even softer then it normally does. I really like how Dove makes my skin feel and I never feel any residue left over. I just feel soft and clean. I would definitely buy this version again.
In LOVE!!!
I ran out of my usual white bar, and I saw this was on sale, so I bought it on a whim. I totally fell in love Dove Micellar. It smells delicious and it makes my skin feel amazing. My only complaint, I can't find it in any store anymore!
This smelled great
I was a little skeptical about this but now I love it! Great smell soft skin after wash only thing is I wish the softness lasted longer
love this soap ever since. gives me a moisturizer effect and i like it because its easy to rinse compared to other moisturizing soap i used.
Good soap
Finally, a body wash for a woman like me. I'm very sensitive, and I break out very easily. I can't put just anything on my skin, or on my vaginal area. I can't use all of these fruity and heavily scented soaps and body washes. I know, I've tried practically all of them. I can always tell by my body's natural feminine scent before and after I shower if a certain body wash doesn't agree with me. That's why I have to be very careful with the products I use. I've been trying out all types of body washes lately so see what works best for me, and this is the closet thing I've found to perfection. I actually ended up buying 4 more bottles. This body wash is free of harsh fragrances, I certainly smell cleaner and fresher downstairs, and it really lasts. Not that I smell bad, but as a woman, that's very important to me. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by body odor. I shower every single day, and I needed something that my body agrees with.

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