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Dove Purely Pampering Relaxing Lavender Shower Foam
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Dove Purely Pampering Relaxing Lavender Shower Foam. I love Dove products and this one is really good
Liquid dove woman soap
I love it all my family uses at the money is dove until I try something else that I like this one has my five stars
Relaxing and luxurious
I tend to think of lavender scent as an “old person” smell but this one is very fresh. It helps me relax after a long day. It doesn’t dry out my skin but it also doesn’t add much moisture either.
Lo he usado y es muy bueno todos los productos de esta marca super
Leaves my skin feeling so soft!
I have always been a fan of Dove products but their body wash is beyond my favorite. Unlike other harsh soaps that strip your skin of its natural moisture, dove works with your skins PH leaving you feeling soft and clean, even before applying lotion. I love to follow up with Doves body cream for an extra moisterizing effect!
Amazing Scent
This product has a great scent and leaves you feeling clean and relaxed. I do find the fragrance to be long lasting, although it is a bit drying for sensitive skin. One of their new scents and easily a favorite!
Toda la linea dove es buena, este deja la piel suave y con rico aroma.
leaves an incredible softness on the skin. tasty smell. it's an amazing product
I absolutely love this product. It helps with keeping my skin moisturized. I buy a couple bottles a month. The price is very reasonable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Dove Body wash is great
I loved it. This keeps my skin smooth and hydrated. I also love the scent.
Love it!!
I love this body wash it leaves my skin silky smooth and I love the scent !!
Evening bath must have
I really enjoy this body wash. I like to use it in the evening when I shower or bathe to unwind and wash off the day. Always leaves me relaxed, moisturized, and smelling great!
Yes!!! I LOVE this product and all of the scents.. way to go!!
Soft and relaxing
I absolutely love the scent of lavender! With this body wash your skin not only is soft after use but smells absolutely wonderful! It is so wonderful to use before bed as the lavender scent is very relaxing and helps you settle down for a good nights sleep.
Love the scent of lavender and how smooth it made my skin. The lavender scent is such a relaxing feeling.

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