4.9 5 0 33 33 This laundry scent booster’s invigorating scents of birch water and botanicals will bring a crisp, revitalizing freshness to your clothes. Safe for all fabrics and washing machines, including HE, just shake a little or a lot of these scented beads into the cap and pour directly into the drum before adding your clothes.
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Fresh and Clean
Amazing product! I love it clothes smell good for weeks!
The scent of this is just WOW so good! it is fresh and refreshing. Easy to use and leaves your clothing smelling like fresh day out in the garden! I love it so much! Highly recommended by me to all!
Soft and gentle with your skin
Easy to use. In a matter of minutes you will see the change your clothes will smells delicious!! 😍
I am absolutely in love with this product!!!!! My clothes come out smelling absolutely amazing!! I've tried all the scents and I honestly can't say which one is my favourite. I love them all! I highly highly recommend trying this product.
Smells awesome!
The Downy Infusions In-Wash Scent Booster Beads Refresh Birch Water & Botanicals smells amazing and makes my clothes so soft. I really love the paradise smelling aroma my clothes have after washing them!
This smells so fresh N clean. The fragrance lasts . I just love this scent
Softer clothes and smells super great.
I have used this product for several years. It is a great value and keeps my clothes soft and selling great for days even weeks after I wash then
Love this product,my laundry smells fresh for weeks,I even got my son to use this amazing downy freshness
Smells and works wonderfully😀 5 thumbs up.........
Downey booster beads
Awesome Do not wash without it Especially great when washing towels or work clothes My grandkids love the smell of their towels
The smell is fresh
The smell is super fresh and long lasting. I’m so satisfied to find this product.
Mmm smells great
It is just what I needed to make my clothes smell good and soft
Boosted the freshness!
My laundry has never smelled this good a week after I’ve done laundry! I’m very impressed by these Downey Booster Beads! They smelled like a fresh waterfall and stayed that way long after I hung them up.
really like this!
This is easy to use, and has a fantastic scent that last a long time
Amazingly Perfect
This product smells out of this world. The scent is just right and not overpowering. Clothes are left with a fresh sweet smell and so soft. I highly recommend!

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