4.9 5 0 55 55 Dr Pepper Soft Drink has been repackaged and features the SEC college football logo. This product is said to be an authentic blend of 23 flavors, and retails in a newly designed pack containing 12 x 12-fl. oz. recyclable cans. The manufacturer claims to be an official sponsor of the College Football Playoff.
Dr Pepper Soft Drink
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Dr Pepper
We love Dr Pepper in Texas! The packaging doesn’t affect my selection except when it is made from recycled products - this new can is recycled so I like it even more. Thank you Dr Pepper!
What's not to like about Dr. Pepper. Great classic taste and look. But packaging doesn't really effect what soda I'm gonna buy. I know what soda I will buy based on taste not look.
absolutely love Dr Pepper!!!!!!!! It's the best soft drink!!
I absolutely LOVE Dr Pepper! It is one of my all time favorite sodas and it was an extra special treat to get to drink one as a kid! It has a delicious refreshing (yet unidentifiable flavor lol) this current packaging doesn’t do anything for me personally but I’m also not a football fan although it certainly wouldn’t deter me from buying it either.
The bestest!!!
Hello I could have a Dr Pepper in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening or anytime especially with a cold can out of the freezer just before freezing.
Dr. Pepper!!
A lot of people I know LOVE Dr. Pepper, I am one of them. Dr. Pepper is perfect to go along with your meal or even on the go. There is NO BAD time to enjoy the crisp taste of this delicious soda.
Love the unique taste of Dr. Pepper. Nothing compares to the taste. One of my favorites.
Best flavored beverage
Regular dr. Pepper at that so many flavors, when it hits your taste buds and then start the bubble can start to break down a different case that they have inside the soda. They also have other flavors dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla they're really good this is got to be my favorite drink of all times and my go to drink everyday.
My go to drink
I've been drinking Dr. Pepper for over 20 years. Its my breakfast! Love the fizz.
Tasty Drink!
We keep Dr Pepper in our fridge at all times! It's very refreshing and this may sound crazy but it helps with an upset stomach.
Dr. Pepper is my favorite!
Dr. Pepper is my favorite soft drink by far! I love the original, the cherry, and the cherry vanilla!! Dr. Pepper has the most unique taste, and nothing else comes close to it.
Always a favorite
Dr Pepper has always been one of my favorite beverages on the market. It has such a unique & flavorful taste that truly sets it apart from other cola brands on the market. Not only did they get it right with Dr Pepper but Diet Dr Pepper is the only diet drink on the market that even comes close to the original. Kudos and keep up the great work!
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper is a beverage that I've been enjoying for many years. It has a distinct flavor that sets it apart from the rest and a refreshing taste that makes it great to relax and enjoy. I think that the packaging, in making it look like a football, is unique and fun, which adds for a nice touch. I enjoy Dr Pepper thoroughly and rate it five stars with a high recommendation.
Dr. pepper soft drink
It is a great drink to sit down and have a meal or even to quench your thirst it’s not fizzy I would recommend this to anyone that has not tried why don’t you take the challenge today
Good quality
My all time favorite soft drink. I have to have 1 to 2 a day. I love the cherry flavor that it has and i love the way i quinches my thirst.

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