4.8 5 0 44 44 Dr Pepper Soft Drink has been repackaged and features the SEC college football logo. This product is said to be an authentic blend of 23 flavors, and retails in a newly designed pack containing 12 x 12-fl. oz. recyclable cans. The manufacturer claims to be an official sponsor of the College Football Playoff.
Dr Pepper Soft Drink
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Always a favorite
Dr Pepper has always been one of my favorite beverages on the market. It has such a unique & flavorful taste that truly sets it apart from other cola brands on the market. Not only did they get it right with Dr Pepper but Diet Dr Pepper is the only diet drink on the market that even comes close to the original. Kudos and keep up the great work!
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper is a beverage that I've been enjoying for many years. It has a distinct flavor that sets it apart from the rest and a refreshing taste that makes it great to relax and enjoy. I think that the packaging, in making it look like a football, is unique and fun, which adds for a nice touch. I enjoy Dr Pepper thoroughly and rate it five stars with a high recommendation.
Dr. pepper soft drink
It is a great drink to sit down and have a meal or even to quench your thirst it’s not fizzy I would recommend this to anyone that has not tried why don’t you take the challenge today
Good quality
My all time favorite soft drink. I have to have 1 to 2 a day. I love the cherry flavor that it has and i love the way i quinches my thirst.
Dr pepper
Perfect Halloween beverage 🕸🦇🎃 for all the little ghouls and goblins.
Something Different
I have enjoyed Dr. Pepper since I was a kid! I reach for a Pepper when I don't want the same boring cola!
My favorite
I have been drinking Dr.Pepper for 20 years. It’s my favorite & always be my favorite.
Dr pepper
Love Dr pepper have since I can remember and I'm 47yrs old it's always been a staple in my fridge
Dr. Pepper
I love love love Dr Pepper and have been enjoying it’s unique taste since I was a kid!
In love! Number one soda choice. If I can't get my Dr. Pepper i won't attend the business's
This is my go to drink after a 10 hour shift in the heat. During the heat of the day here in Texas I drink a lot of electrolytes so when I get home this is a refreshing change. Great looking new packaging
Dr.Pepper is delicious!
I’ve always thought Dr.Pepper was a great tasting cold drink since I was a kid! And it’s my fiancé’s favorite cold drink definitely! I would never change anything about it because there’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes!
Dr Pepper
Really great product and great tasting too. Great quality of cans for being recycled.
Love love love Dr. Pepper
I drink this product daily. I love it. Its my favorite pop out there. I'm addicted to it. I also love the diet versions and the mixed flavored ones. I love everything Dr pepper and always will. Best served cold.
Don't like Pepsi products
I am a southern girl . That means coke only don't like the taste it reminds me of some cold medicine when I was a kid and that just makes me want to gag

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