4.9 5 0 51 51 Dr Pepper Soft Drink has been repackaged and features the SEC college football logo. This product is said to be an authentic blend of 23 flavors, and retails in a newly designed pack containing 12 x 12-fl. oz. recyclable cans. The manufacturer claims to be an official sponsor of the College Football Playoff.
Dr Pepper Soft Drink
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Mmmmm yummy
I absolutely love Dr. Pepper! It has a nice crisp taste. Then blend of flavors is incredible; you can almost taste everyone! If I had a choice between cola and Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper would be my choice every time.
24!!! WHAT!!
Ok Dr Pepper! Is one of my favorite sodas I love the strength 24 refreshing fresh flavors all bubbling in your mouth at once. If you ain't try to Dr Pepper you ain't living life. A definite must for anybody!!!!
My Favorite
Dr. Pepper is my favorite soft drink! No matter the food place, I check for Dr. Pepper first. It’s a dark soda, like a cola, and it contains caffeine, but it has this extra layer of flavor, that separates it from everything else on the shelf. Also, it’s not as sweet as cola, but still has a lot of flavor.
Dr. Pepper
Unique flavor! Taste refreshing and sweet just as you would expect soda to taste. Doesn't taste like cola or root beer. Taste good! Something different from the normal cola's and dark sodas.
Love it
Dr.Pepper is my morning coffee, It wakes me up. I love it!
I'm a Pepper!
I've loved this product for over 45 years. It has a unique flavor which I thoroughly enjoy. I really like it with Mexican food - unlike other sodas, it holds its own!
Great product
I have been a Dr. Pepper drinker for years. I love it.I have recently tried diet cherry dr pepper. That is the best diet soda i have found. Wish we could get that in a 12 pack
Love this soda!!!
This is my favorite soda of all time. I used to drink it almost every day until I had cut myself off it because it wasn't healthy to drink it all the time. But I love that it has a peppery kick but is still sweet.
My favorite
This review is easy. Dr Pepper is hands down the best soda ever created. I’ve been a long time faithful drinker and will be for years to come. No other soft drink comes close!
When you want something different
I love Dr. pepper. I don't drink it all the time just when I want something different. It's so refreshing and unique.
Great tasting Dr.pepper
Excellent tasting product. Would but again. The diet Dr.Pepper is just as good taste like regular Dr Pepper.i cannot think of any improvements it needs.
One of my go to brands for pop!
I've always loved a super cold Dr. Pepper. The flavor is like no other pop I've had unless you go into store brands that are similar but, not the same. I would be surprised to find someone that has not tried a Dr. Pepper yet (besides children) but, I would definitely tell them to give it a try.
21 flavors of yum
Dr. Pepper has been one of my favorite soft drinks since I was little, my grandfather loved these warm and in a glass bottle when he was a boy. So these cans of spicy, cherry, bubbly deliciousness always remind me of him. Dr. Pepper is crisp, full of flavors you can never quite figure out, and refreshing. Love them!
Favorite soda
If I am going to drink some soda it is usually Dr Pepper, I love the cherry kick of this soda. It tastes a lot better than other sodas. The new packaging looks decent as well. I will keep buying this.
What's Not To Like About Dr Pepper?
I have been drinking Dr Pepper forever and I enjoy the flavor. It makes a special ice cream float in the summer, refreshing!

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