Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt

4.9 5 0 533 533 Dr Teal's soaking solution harnesses the power of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to provide a relaxing bath with the Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Calm.
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt


Dr. Teals Epsom salt
I tried Dr. Teals epsom salt foaming bath and it was very relaxing and calm. Perfect for a long day, easy to use and it works wonders, highly recommend..
Tea Epsom
This is a most relaxing product. Just soak in a bath and you feel better.
Smells great
I really enjoyed using this bubble bath. A little definitely goes along way. I also like how the bubbles really lasted. It was a nice relaxing soak and it is definitely something I would use again.
Love it
I absolutely adore Dr Teals brand. I use all the different product and love them. This one did not disappoint. It smells so good and I absolutely will be repurchasing this product again and again. A++
My sister in law loves Dr. Teals so my husband and I bought her the Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt and she says that it is her newest favorite one and that it makes her want Matcha lol
I have so many dr teals this is one of my favorite it's super relaxing smells great makes my skin feel nourished
Zen-Inspired Soaking Bliss
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Soaking Solution is a delightful fusion of wellness and relaxation, marrying the therapeutic benefits of Epsom salt with the soothing essence of matcha green tea. As an avid advocate for holistic well-being, this soaking solution has become a cherished part of my self-care routine for its rejuvenating properties and invigorating aroma.
I enjoy all of Dr. Teals although this scent didn't seem to be my favorite. I love the eucalyptus and spearmint, it's my absolute favorite. It relaxes me. I would highly recommend you try that one if you like this one as well. I pick mine up at the local drug store
No faults
I typically use the regular bath salts but tried this product once. This product creates a nice scent in the bath. Since it contains Epsom salt it still provides the same benefits of the salt.
Smells Wonderful!
Dr Teals foaming bath is my favorite store bought foaming bath. I love that it is made with pure epsom salt. It is so relaxing to use and doesn't irritate my skin.
Calming and Relaxing
I have only used Dr. Teal's for a while now because of how calming and relaxing all their products are! Especially the one that is targeting a balancing and calming atmosphere! It completely enhances my bath experience. Definitely recommend
Scent heaven
This March green tea Teals foaming epson bath is the bomb dot com. Lol. But srsly it smells so good. It makes my whole bathroom smell amazing after I get out of the tub. It’s also very relaxing and soothing after a long day. I’m hooked on this stuff! Please never stop making this.
Best bubble bath on the market
My kids love bubble baths, but I worry about other bubble bath brands that dry out their skin. I discovered Dr. Teals brand and will only buy it for my kids bubbles baths. Highly recommend.
I know, without a doubt, this soothes. It smells ok not what I would choose when buying this product. Other than that it really is a great product.
Dr teals products are always amazing they make u feel so good they smell amazing they make your skin feel amazing as well

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