Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt

4.9 5 0 384 384 Dr Teal's soaking solution harnesses the power of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to provide a relaxing bath with the Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Calm.
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt


Absolutely Amazing
Would highly recommend this product helps with pain and very relaxing
Amazing Smell
I love how relaxing it made me feel after a long day of work. My skin felt so smooth amazing product.
dr teals
I love relaxing in a warm bath with dr teal Epsom salts it’s so good for detoxing your skin and relaxing after a hard day before bed. This is my go to brand.
Dr. Teal’s Delivers
I have long been a fan of Dr. Teal’s bath products. Always really good quality. Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Foaming Bath is a welcome addition to the lineup. With a calm, gentle scent, the salts soothe tired muscles and provided a relaxing soak. I highly recommend.
Dr teal is my new go-to product
I love a relaxing bath with candles and bubbles before bed time to make me relax. I used to use no name brand but since dr, teal's this is the only product I use. it is supper affordable and available everywhere all though I buy mine from Walmart. They have a big variety. I have been sleeping much better. The scent is great and relaxing.
The Best
I absolutely love dr. Teal's products I have like a whole big collection lol I love it
soak time
This is a very good product if your feet or body is tired and sore. It worked great for me. It lasted a long time after I bathed. Perfect how it is.
I bought Dr. Teal foaming bath to try. I was delighted to know it made my skin feel soft, wonderful relaxing smell, and reasonably price. I have tried the different sents and have enjoyed them all!
The smell is amazing. Left my skin feeling soft and silky. It really did help with aches and pains. Heaven in a bath. Definitely will be buying this product again.
dr teals lotion
i have used the lotion and it didnt seem to do any differently than any other lotion out there.
Love this!
I use Dr Teals literally with every bath. Dr Teals pours smoothly out of the bottle and doesn’t foam up or make an abundance of bubbles. The scent is invigorating, it’s strong at first but doesn’t become overwhelming. My skin has a soft scent after my bath. I make sure I have Dr. Teals in every bath!
a must for the bath
I use this in my bath and in a foot tub to soak my feet. I love that it foams and the properties you get from the salt. Leaves skin very soft and very comforting to soak your feet in!
Great Refreshing Bath with this
Absolutely refreshing bath with this product and have been enjoying the fragrance on every bath. Keeps me calm and focused after the bath
I have recently started using all organic/natural products. I came across this Dr. Teals and OMG it AMAZING!!! So much better than any other I have tried and it smells so great, very calming. I would highly recommend Dr. Teals.
great for kids too
This leaves your skin so soft and smooth. It's so calming to take a bubble bath with these at the end of an exhausting day. The scent is nice and mild. My kids use this as bubble bath as well because it's great for sensitive skin, unlike the stuff on the market for kids.

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