4.9 5 0 290 290 Dr Teal's soaking solution harnesses the power of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to provide a relaxing bath with the Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Calm.
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Love this stuff!!
This is my go to brand when I want to have a relaxing bath! I use it right before bed and I sleep like a baby! I love this stuff
Sore Muscle Relief
This is my go to brand for bath salts! I struggle with tense sore neck and back muscles regularly. I've tried a lot of pills and creams, but a hot bath with quality Epsom salts not only eases the muscle aches but leaves me relaxed and fresh feeling.
My parents love this
In my family this is like one of the go to products for when your body is extremely sore and you just want to soak in the bath. I’d recommend it and it usually isn’t very expensive at all!
Love it
Love the product I use in my bath water and to soak my feet in .I have like the product because of price and easy to open .nothing need improvement yes to all my friends and family
Awesome scent and bubbles
I LOVE anything from Dr. Teal's and this product does not disappoint! The luxurious foam and calming scent is amazing.
A relaxing soak that eases your stress
I love the soothing aspects of soaking in a long hot bath. I've used epsom salt before to help ease my tired muscles. I thought id give this one a go and i was very pleased. Not only did it work the tension out of my body and practically eliminated my aches and pains but it did a great job at comforting me and helped me to get a fantastic nights sleep. I would purchase again for sure.
i love this product. i use it and soak in long hot baths.then p once i done i feel refreashed and rejuvanated. i recommend buying some if you dont have any
Fav Dr. Teals
I love everything from Dr. Teals! Such a good quality,nice scent, gentle on skin. I put this salt when I take bath or just do a little spa for my feet after work. You ya amazing. I tec
Loveee these Epsom salts! They’re so nice to add into your bath after a long day. The scent is great and they just give you a sense of relaxation you didn’t know you needed!! I’d definitely recommend this
I would recommend this
I would definitely recommend this. I found it very relaxing & soothing. I also found it to be priced reasonably for a quality product.
Love it
I absolutley love this stuff! Very rejuvenating and relaxing, I use it once or twice a week depending on how sore my muscles Get. It definitely helps ease my aches and pains after a long hard day. Worth the money every time!
Loved it.
This product is worth the buy.... it worked like a charm. I felt my muscles relaxing and clean after drying body.. 5e dead skin came off with ease as I washed and I looked and felt like my skin was youthful and glowing.
Absolutely love it
It makes my skin feel AMAZING and does not irritate it like most body washes do. I love the natural ingredients.
Perfect for at home relaxation
My love for Dr. Teals almost matches my love for green tea. It’s great to soak in after a long day and leave the room smelling great. I highly recommend.
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom: I love Dr. Teals soak, the Vitamin E in it makes my skin so much softer I started using this brand 4 year ago. It's good for you to detox your body at least 2-3 times a week. I highly recommend this brand for everyone.

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