4.9 5 0 247 247 Dr Teal's soaking solution harnesses the power of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to provide a relaxing bath with the Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Calm.
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So relaxing
Has such a great smell and leaves your skins soft ans smelling good.
Pleasant fragrance
Like the other Dr Teal’s baths, this one also had plenty of bubbles and I liked this new fragrance. It turned my bath into a spa and relaxed me as it eased aches.
After a long day on my feet I love to soak my feet in this and it's so relaxing!
Extremely Relaxing
I tried this for my aches in my lower back and it helped relax my muscles so much! If you haven't ever tried it you should! it's Wonderful for relaxation and soothes the pains :)
Relaxing bath
This product came inside a holiday gift basket. I just now discovered it hiding in my bathroom cabinet. Used it for a relaxing bath. I love Dr Teals products; the scent is strong and relaxes my senses.
Great to relax
This was amazing to soak in the tub with,super relaxing for the muscles and body.
Wonderful bath
This product is great for a nice bath after a long day at work. I felt calm and relaxed and my skin was also extremely soft.
I love putting some Epsom salt in my baths to help ease achy sore muscles but, for it to also include a relaxing scent makes it the go-to for a no fuss relaxing bath!
Great relaxing bath time
This is my go to product for bath time. Everyday after a long day at work I soak in a bathtub full of this bubble bath. The scent is amazing! It truly does relax and calm you.
So relaxing!
One of my favorite bath additives. I love the fresh, spring like scent & it helps to sooth my sore muscles at the end of a hard day. This product is amazing for doing a little at home pampering on a budget!
Love it
Relaxing and soothing. Scent us not over bearing like others
good for aches and pains
This is a good brand to soak in the tub and take away your aches and pains
Time to relax
This product is great for a relaxing bath for a tired body after a long day.
Great for sore muscles
I can't say enough about using Dr. Teal's products for sore muscles after a long day. I have used the Salts, bombs and the foaming bath. You never can go wrong with Dr. Teal's. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure you like the smell. I prefer mint over lavender.
The best
I really enjoyed this bath soap, it smelt great and made my skin soft. It wasn't too strong or harsh on my skin, I love that the smell didn't linger like most. I would definitely purchase again!

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