Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt

4.9 5 0 372 372 Dr Teal's soaking solution harnesses the power of antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to provide a relaxing bath with the Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt Calm.
Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt


a must for the bath
I use this in my bath and in a foot tub to soak my feet. I love that it foams and the properties you get from the salt. Leaves skin very soft and very comforting to soak your feet in!
Great Refreshing Bath with this
Absolutely refreshing bath with this product and have been enjoying the fragrance on every bath. Keeps me calm and focused after the bath
I have recently started using all organic/natural products. I came across this Dr. Teals and OMG it AMAZING!!! So much better than any other I have tried and it smells so great, very calming. I would highly recommend Dr. Teals.
great for kids too
This leaves your skin so soft and smooth. It's so calming to take a bubble bath with these at the end of an exhausting day. The scent is nice and mild. My kids use this as bubble bath as well because it's great for sensitive skin, unlike the stuff on the market for kids.
Beat bubble bath
It smells so good and gives me spa vibes. My husband and daughter even love these bubbles. The bubbles actually stay in the water whiley little plays in them. We are hooked in this stuff.
Best Salts Ever
These are the best Epsom Salt ever, no cap. I even get them for my dad so he can soak his tired muscles with. I have to start getting for my mom now too. I used to laugh at my Grandma now I know what she means. It really does help.
They’re particular about their scents and green tea fragrances aren’t easy to get right but this one smells nice. A favorite out of Dr Teals products. Never discontinue this winner!
Smells amazing
Such a great product which smells amazing and is so calming
Must Have
This is such a great product. It is in a great sized bottle. Definitely not cheapy when it comes to quantity and quality. It smells AMAZING and suds up really nicely. It works wonders as well. Helps with relaxing and restoring my tired and achy body.
Tried & True
Dr. Teals It makes the bathroom smell good and it helps to relax. Very fine grain. Will most likely buy again...if not this scent, maybe try another. It does leave a ring in your tub when you are done though, but it's easy to wipe off.
Great for a momma bath
I used Dr. Teal’s Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt in my baths for a while. It was really nice to sit it. I felt relaxed and cleansed!
Love dr teals
I use all of Dr teals brands. And this scent is amazing it’s not overwhelming which I love and it really helps you relax.
I love Almost all of the Dr. Teals products. They are so relaxing and helpful. Prefect treat for yourself after a long day, so many options for some self care. And the scents are to die for!
Too drying for my liking
I tried with the hopes of good exfoliating. Made my skin very dry and irritated. I don't typically use salt based anything. Sugar scrubs are for exfoliating and moisturizing. Don't recommend if you have sensitive or are prone to dry skin.
My go to!
Dr Teals has been my go to for a long time when it’s time for a soak, but I love that this is a bubble bath as well. The scent isn’t overwhelming and my skin always feels great!

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