4.6 5 0 10 10 Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Essential Oils Hydrate & Repair Essential Oil Shampoo is formulated with essential oils, biotin, rice and pea plant protein, and said to help strengthen, hydrate and generally care for the hair, leaving it healthy-looking. Its formula is bursting with creamy and nutrient-rich shea butter and complementary essential oils to help moisturize and renew damaged strands, leaving them feeling silky smooth and intensely nourished. Suitable for all hair types, it features a sweet almond scent to envelope the user with a sense of comfort. Free from sulfates to help preserve hair color, parabens, silicones or gluten, the vegan friendly product has not been tested on animals, and retails in a 16-fl. oz. recyclable pack.
Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Essential Oils Hydrate & Repair Essential Oil Shampoo
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Hydrates my bleached hair
Smells amazing!!! Filled with Shea butter and essential oils, it helps moisturise and renew hair damage. Perfect for my bleached hair! The essential oils hydrate the ends of my hair very well. My hair feels softer and becomes healthier after every use. If you have bleached hair like me, try using this Dr. Teal’s Essential oils shampoo!
I wanted to love it more, but...
I've never thought my hair was so dry that a product specifically designed to deliver moisture wouldn't be enough, but sadly I wasn't as satisfied with this product (or the conditioner) as I would have liked. It wasn't horrible, so I'd still recommend trying it (as I love Dr. Teal's brand products), but it didn't deliver enough moisture in combination with the conditioner as I needed. HEY, IT DID CLEAN MY HAIR, so I guess you could give it 5 stars in that regard. I do love that the packaging has an easy to use pump.
I love using it very awesome makes my hair shine and smooth
I’ve tried this shampoo only once. It is very nourishing and left my hair soft and manageable. I highly recommend this for dry and damaged hair.
Natural and refreshing
The Dr. Teal’s Essential Oils shampoo is one of the best Hair products I’ve tried recently. I love that it’s made from Shea butter and various essential oils. It has a “natural” smell, which is refreshing and not overpowering. It also leaves my hair and scalp feeling healthy and hydrated. No complaints with this shampoo!
This stuff is awesome. Smells so soothing and leaves hair soft and smelling great longer
Dr Teals
Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Essential Oils Hydrate & Repair Essential Oil Shampoo is awesome i have really dry hair and it works really well
I would love to try this product because I am a huge fan of this brand and I love exploring new shampoo's.
I have not tried this product in particular but I do know the brand, I have used many products and I love them, the quality, the efficiency and the price are the best. I would love to try this product and will buy it next time I go to the store.
Something like this I Would be great. Help with th e brittleness and give shine

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