4.5 5 0 62 62 Dr Teal's with Melatonin & Essential Oils Sleep Lotion Body Lotion combines shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E, and is said to nourish, moisturize and renew skin. It is also formulated with melatonin, lavender and chamomile essential oils, claimed to help promote a better night sleep. Not tested on animals, the lightweight product retails in an 8-oz. pack.
Dr Teal's with Melatonin & Essential Oils Sleep Lotion Body Lotion
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Love it!
Its super soft when applied to the skin. Smells good and i go to bed happy and calm!
Dont love it, dont hate it
This lotion smells nice but it's a little on the thin side. My personal preference is a thicker lotion that absorbs quickly. But this is definitely not the worst lotion I've ever tried.
Dr. Teal's body lotion for sleep nights
I have been using this on my kids, and I. It works very good the smell of Dr. Teal's smells good also relaxes our body I recommend this for everyone even if your not having a hard time to sleep.
It's amazing for your body are use it for everything for a lot of more stuff that I can't say
Feels wonderful
I love Dr. teals line of products not only do we use other products of Dr. teals but I started getting this for my daughter so she could relax at night to go to sleep she can’t wait for me to put it on at night
This stuff is amazing I use it on my kids and myself. The smell is so relaxing we all put it on about an hour before bed and feel nice, refreshed, and relaxed!
Dr teal melatonin lotion
This is amazing! It has a soothing smell and seems to help my boys relax while sleeping. It's definitely worth trying. You won't be disappointed. I would recommend this to anyone with children.
I've used this in the past and love it! It has a great smell and helps you relax.
Works wonders
I have purchased this in the past and let me tell you it works wonderful. I sued this item on sleepless nights and I rub the lotion around and on my face and I'm out within 30 min.
I love any lavender product it really stimulates the brain to get ready for bed. The scent just seems to sooth and calm and the heat of the bath has them already for bed. This product has a little extra helper called Melatonin is helps ease them to sleep. It has nothing in it like a sleeping pill it does nothing for keeping them asleep. It just like lavender eases them into bedtime.
Love it!
We use this for our son after bath frequently. We definitely notice a difference in nights and hen we use it ca we don’t. It smells great and really does have a calming effect that helps with bedtime.
Love it!!!
Not only does it smell good. But it works. My little boy was having sleeping issues. I bought it and tried it! We love it.
I absolutely love this product. The lotion is lightweight and smells amazing. It relaxes and helps with getting a good night's sleep.
Love the smell
We got some of this to try and it smells so good...also helps us both relax and get some rest
Seems ok
I feel like the lotion actually helps with relaxing, calming the body down to put them to sleep I feel like if this was a combo of body wash and lotion maybe a little bit thicker it would actually help them sleep not just relax but other than that it's a very good product and the smell is quite amazing

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