5 5 0 29 29 A rich yet lightweight formula that cleanses hair and helps provide a smooth, shiny, and frizz-free finish.
DryBar Liquid Glass Smoothing Shampoo
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Amazing Product!
I am in love with Drybar Liquid Glass Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner! The results are amazing. It leaves your hair silky smooth, hydrated and smelling great all day long!
Liquid Class is Bad Ass!
My friend who is a hair dresser got me Liquid Class Smoothing shampoo and conditioner last month, she promised I would be very happy with them. I honestly am 100% happy with it! Smells great, cleans great, rinses great and does exactly what it labels.
Great product
My hair dresser just used this recently on my hair and it left my hair feeling silky and smooth. The smell was great too. I definitely will be looking to purchase this.
I really like this shampoo, it has a great smell and lathers very well. My hair smells amazing after using this shampoo
Shining like Glass!!!
This DryBar Liquid Glass Smoothing Shampoo is PHENOMENAL!!! My hair feels so CLEAN & the light scent is SIMPLY GORGEOUS!! I can visually see the sleek~ smooth~ shiny & polished appearance of my Do!! SOOOOOOO HAPPY with this product!!
I never want to be without this shampoo!
I use this product daily or nearly daily. It leaves my hair feeling light, clean, and smelling great. I have color treated hair (green, pink, purple, etc) and this is the best shampoo for avoiding fading for longer. Love it!
Took me by surprise
My hair is very dry and damged amd extremely frizzy... It's also wavy which makes my frizz worse and so I decided to try a smoothing shampoo and this took me away. Nice and silky smooth, my frizzy hair looked like someone just took a comb and sleeked it, it was flat but not limp and flat to my head. The lather was nice as well and made my hair feel very clean!!
My hair feels great
I LOVE this product! I was a bit unsure about buying it since it was a bit pricey for such a small bottle but I’ve been struggling with poofy hair my whole life and recently got a keratin, and wanted to keep the process going as long as possible. The product lathers really nice and has that iconic drybar scent. My hair feels so silky smooth and soft! I will continue to buy it if it keeps my hair like this along with my keratin treatment!
Love drybar!
Make my hair feel great! Doesn’t make my hair feel heavy which is important.
El Shampoo es extraordinario
Solo con usar el shampoo tienes un cambio en tu cabello muy notable y su aroma me fascina imagina solo de usar el conditioner simplemente excelente 😍
Makes my hair very smooth
I have wavy and frizzy hair and this shampoo really makes my hair so smooth and soft. Easy to manage after washing and it doesn't weigh my hair down. Makes my hair easy to comb through. Love it!
May hair gets reAlly frizzy underneath at hairline so maybe something like this could help
Could you please send me a sample of this shampoo?
Where can I get this? Would LOVE to try it. My hair is so frizzy and damaged.
Product sounds amazing!! Definitely want to try soon.

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