4.3 5 0 124 124 Enjoy the decadent taste of restaurant desserts at home with Duncan Hines Mega Cookies. Easy to make and ready in minutes, this sugar cookie mix with colorful sprinkles can be made in the oven or microwave.
Duncan Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie Pan Cookie Mix
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Easy and fun
My kiddo and like this mega cookie!!! Who says they have to be tiny cookies. We love to go big. It was simple and easy to and was very tasty. We have purchased this mix 5 times in the last year!!I reccomened this mix if you dont have time to make from scratch.
Duncan's cookie
This is the best cookie ever. And it comes with the pan. Love it and so yummy
Spot on
This was easy to make and clean up after. Me and my kids had fun making this. I will be buying this again in the future
Just ok
Not the greatest. Usually I love duncan hines cake mixes, but these type i do not. The taste is awful and doesn't even taste like cake. More like a spongy type of taste. Would not buy again.
Good sugar cookie
Tried the Duncan's Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie. I thought it was really good. It was super easy to bake. Would buy again, would love to tru the other flavors.
Easy and Quick
I purchased this product. I really wanted something warm and sweet and of course fast. Overall, it was tasty. I love warm cookies. I look for all the Mega Cookie flavors on sale. I think they are priced right.
I have a sweet tooth, especially at night, and this really hit the spot! It's super easy and sharable! My only gripe is it was a little sweeter than I expected (i know, cookies are supposed to be sweet). I would recommend this for sure!
Jyst when you think it couldn't get Easier!
I love these little bowl snacks. It's ideally perfect for someone who doesn't have an oven but wants that made from scratch taste. I need more variety of flavors for I've tried them all already. I have even added my own little ingredients to their mix just to spice it up! I would totally recommend to others with a sweet tooth. As well as I'll continue to indulge.
Great for the price
Super easy to make and a great value for the price. Taste was great! Very simple and directions were easy to follow!
The idea is neat
Maybe it's my microwave but they never truly turn out the way they show on the box. It's usually hard on the outside and doughy on the inside.
Cake in second's
Really convenient easy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. My kids love it and i love it...
Quick and Easy
Very quick and easy to make. Tastes pretty good too, but not as good as making the typical products.
Good and fast
I'm a snacker at night me and the kids.this is perfect small snack and I love sugar cookies. Thanks dunkin hines
who doesn't love a giant cookie
it's a gigantic sugar cookie with sprinkles & it tastes just like birthday cake! kids and adults love it. for sure croud pleaser!
It tastes wonderful and would share the stuff we love

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