Duncan Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie Pan Cookie Mix

4.3 5 0 266 266 Enjoy the decadent taste of restaurant desserts at home with Duncan Hines Mega Cookies. Easy to make and ready in minutes, this sugar cookie mix with colorful sprinkles can be made in the oven or microwave.
Duncan Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie Pan Cookie Mix


Easy and Tasty!
My kids loved these! They bought stuff to put inside. Chocolate chips, white chocolate, raisins, cruising. They turned out great! So easy to make. Wil definitely purchase again. 10/10 Can't wait to try to other flavors! What a great idea!
perfect for 2
We are a larger family and we all cant agree on one cake flavor. these little 6 inch cakes are perfect because they cook fast in the microwave and there are so many flavors out there. one cookie pan can feed 2 teenagers or 3 small ones
Very good
this is a perfect snack for after school or after dinner. very tasty. my baby girl loves them.
Love these
Duncan Hines nailed it when they started making all these different kinds of GOOD SWEETS with a much easier twist of actually having to do all the hard work!!
Good for Kids
This Mega Cookie is super easy to make and would be great for kids. I found it sort of bland on the cookie side for my tastes, but the kids loved it. Would be great for sleepovers or small events with kinds.
So simple its from box to oven in under a minute.
Not too expensive for what you get. Nice and chocolatey without being too sweet or rich. Plenty of chocolate chunks giving it a nice texture. Literally takes just seconds from opening to being in the oven baking.
Sprinkles galore!
This has to be the easiest and quickest cookie ever! So yummy!
It's very easy to prep,of course. Overall, I honestly wasn't too impressed. I did like how easy the cookie was completed. Yet I want more flavor. My child loves it, so yes, I would reccomend
Warm delicious
Enjoyed every warm bite when it came out of the oven, a big giant sugar cookie with a fork!!!!
Got to have more than one
This was the best item we have gotten in a while, the whole house (5 kids)2 adults love this! We can’t get enough! Every grocery time we are buyin. If you haven’t tried I recommend getting it
I love to bake
Had to try this with my kids and when I say this taste so good
Delicious easy to cook for a quick dessert to make if you want something sweet and don't want to wait.
Duncan Hines Mega Cookie
My son and I love this dessert! It tastes delicious and my son always loves a surprise for dessert so this was a nice change and a nice surprise for him!
Such a tasty treat!
I really enjoy being able to pop one of these in right before my son gets home from school and sharing it with him as a special treat when he comes back into the house. It tastes great and is a perfect size for the two of us!
Nice and crispy
This pizza tastes amazing, but what I love the most is the crispness in the crust. The sauce has a great taste and the pizza bakes evenly. I highly recommend this brand.

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