Duncan Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie Pan Cookie Mix

4.3 5 0 266 266 Enjoy the decadent taste of restaurant desserts at home with Duncan Hines Mega Cookies. Easy to make and ready in minutes, this sugar cookie mix with colorful sprinkles can be made in the oven or microwave.
Duncan Hines Mega Cookie Sugar Cookie Pan Cookie Mix


Yummy in my tummy!!
My daughter says she loved this!! It was yummy!! Very good flavor profile
Very easy directions
I am not a baker and these were simple instructions and it came out great!!
I didn't think this particular flavor was wonderful. Actually it was dryer than all the other varieties
Quick & Easy
This is a quick & easy way to make a delicious cake. If you want a quick sweet treat this is the way to go. You can even make 2 & stack them.
Kid and family approved
I bought these at the store for my kids and these were awesome. They were easy for each of the kids to make their self and easy for them to cook. Delicious as one in the oven
So anyone that knows me, knows that I have a major sweet tooth. Well I went to the grocery store hungry(first mistake) and I stumbled across this Duncan Hines cookie. Well to make a long story short, I got it, I made it and I almost ate the whole thing. It was delicious, the end LOL
Delicious but...
Delicious but when microwaving according to instructions, part of thr cookie, at the center was hard as a brick and in-edible..
I think it very yummy right amount of sugar cookie taste soft and very moist and very cheap to buy and easier to find in the store when you want to make cookies I would recommend this to family and friends cause its a great treat for parties and social events or just hangout at home
Didn't like it
I didn't like the way it taste. It was also too hard for me. Not a fan of anything hard or crunchy.
Easy and good
This was simple to make and was good tasting. Loved how it had its own pan
SO DELICIOUS! super easy to make and tasted amazing. we put it in the oven and that worked the best for us. definitely recommend!
This is very easy to make and very fast to make. plus cheap to make.
Taste good
Let me start with the taste was yummy. My issue is the texture was not like a cookie, it more resembled cake in my opinion. Very easy to make
My daughter bought this cookie and it was too sweet for me. She really liked it. I would buy it again if she asked me to.
Christmas Present
I thought these were so cute and delicious. I actually bought a few in each flavor available and gave them as a Christmas gift. The cookie tasted delicious.

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