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e.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara
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Elf eyebrow gel
It worked pretty good once I got the hang of how much to use. It hold my eyebrows together all day
Good value!
This was a good value for the price. It works pretty well to keep my brows in place, but does not have lasting staying power. By the end of the day my brows are all crazy again. Good product but not as good as the Anastasia Brow Gel. It also has a funny scent to it after awhile, and after using the gel for a bit, it started getting a brown tint to it from my brow products coming off.
Perfect for definition and shine
I love this product. Sometimes I just want to add some oomph to my brows or lashes without doing the wax or pomade based items. I love that I can put this on anywhere, you don't need a mirror because there is no color to it. It makes me just think of an easier to use hair gel. It also cleans off so much easier
Love this as an eyebrow gel
This holds mu eyebrow hair in place all day. I would not reccomend the eyelash part because it doesn't do much. I do wish they would make tinted versions of these. I would reccomend if you have pretty full brows and need something to style them.
ELF Clear
I've been using this product on my lashes for years now!! When the brand I previously used stopped selling the clear option I happened to spot this at Old Navy & was ecstatic!! Hey hard to find clear to begin with & never mi d an affordable option!! I'm not a big make up person & the clear just gives my lashes just enough of a pop that I'm looking for!!!
I use it to keep my eyebrows in place all day.
This works just as well as Cover Girl's clear mascara and is much cheaper. I ran out of it faster but even so, I could buy 3 of these for one CG. Recommend to anyone for keeping brows in place. (I don't use it as mascara or on my lashes at all, So I can't speak to that.)
I love elf so much because they are such an affordable brand that has high quality this product you get two products in one for under three dollars. It gave me a nice eyelash and eyebrow it lasted through the day.
Great product!
I have tried other ELF products and liked them, so when I saw this, I had to try it. I used it on my brows and it worked great. I was a little skeptical of using it on my lashes, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I used it on my lashes first and then put a coat of mascara on top of it. My lashes looked great! I am hooked on this product and love the price.
Good value
This is one of the best value clear mascaras out there. I personally don't care for it on my lashes it tends to leave residue and clump up my lashes. I only use this on my brows before and after I have applied powder product and it stays in place all day. I do wish they would make a full tube instead of the split tube just for ease of use but for $2.00 I can deal.
I love this stuff!
I have been using this product for YEARS both for brows and lashes. For brows, I have a spot where my lashes don't grow because of a scar. I comb part of my brow over and use this to hold the hair in place. It looks natural and holds all day. For mascara, I have naturally dark lashes so I use it as just a clear mascara for enhancement or I apply a coat before another mascara to extend the length and keep them from clumping.
Does the job well.
I purchased this because I saw a youtube video that said if you apply it to your lashes before mascara it will make your lashes appear longer and thicker. It worked! I simply curled my lashes, applied this clear mascara, let it try and then applied my regular mascara and BOOM! Awesome.
Too good
I got this one because it’s reasonable and double sided. Works perfectly and also elf is vegan brand. I mostly use eyebrow gel side.
It helped
It help curling my eyelashes.I will buy it again. It made my lashes look longer
Super affordable 2 in 1 product
I think this product is a must have to anyone. A very affordable mascara that is multi use and super practical. I use it to keep my brows and eyelashes looking neat, beautiful but also natural. If you want to keep your makeup routine simple, quickly but at the same time beautiful, you must buy this product.
LOVE for a no-makeup look!
I use this to keep my brows in place. I don't really use the lash side much, but I'm not sure if it is even different formula. I love the price point and the hold. My eyebrows stay put!

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