4.4 5 0 169 169 Achieve glossy, shiny, healthy-looking lashes and brows, infused with long wearing conditioning agents in e.l.f.’s Clear Brow & Lash Mascara.
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Too good
I got this one because it’s reasonable and double sided. Works perfectly and also elf is vegan brand. I mostly use eyebrow gel side.
It helped
It help curling my eyelashes.I will buy it again. It made my lashes look longer
Super affordable 2 in 1 product
I think this product is a must have to anyone. A very affordable mascara that is multi use and super practical. I use it to keep my brows and eyelashes looking neat, beautiful but also natural. If you want to keep your makeup routine simple, quickly but at the same time beautiful, you must buy this product.
LOVE for a no-makeup look!
I use this to keep my brows in place. I don't really use the lash side much, but I'm not sure if it is even different formula. I love the price point and the hold. My eyebrows stay put!
Love Brows
I love the elf product for my eyebrows. It is cost effective and e.l.f has never let me down. The application was easy and my brows were so soft.
Why pay more when this works
I've used a lot of elf products and this is one I keep repurchasing. It's inexpensive and does the job. It keeps brows in place and I never notice Any flaking. I will continue to buy this
Love it!
I love this product! It's a great time saver for when I don't want to do my brows and makes my lashes look amazing. Super easy to apply and stays on all day! Only thing I don't like is that it does take a while to dry and can feel tacky until its dry.
Love It!
I love this product! I use it to brush my eyebrows to make them look nice and tidy. I also use it when I want my lashes to look good but don't feel like wearing mascara. It gives both my eyebrows and lashes hold and keeps them in place.
Not good
The product is great but it dries out super fast and I only got to use it 3 times, I do like the brushes it made my brow and eyelashes look better
Useful for most occasions
This is a fairly good gel for those with a full brow. Go easy with it, a bit goes a long ways. If you use too much, it can cause build up (similar to hair gel). I like that it can be tinted to your liking, and that its viscous and keeps its hold. I'd recommend it to anybody with wild eyebrows.
Not good if you have sparse/short hair
I have super super short eyelashes, so this product didn't do anything but weigh down my eyelashes even more. In terms of the brow portion, I didn't feel like it was really necessary considering you can get the same job done with something more natural like aloe vera or maybe some lotion.
Love it
This is a great product. Easy to apply andlong lasting! Excellent price, too!
Love it
I don’t wear make up but I still like to look nice and as a person with thick and full brows I want them to look good with out having to use a eyebrow product and this product is really good for a person who wants that to it holds and it’s not heavy at all
Perfect price for pretty product
I love the formula of this brow product. It holds my hairs in place perfectly without budging at all. I really like how easy and forgiving it is to use because of it being clear. I also do like the mascara side, but I tend to prefer black mascara for my eyelashes. At this price point, there is no reason not to grab one of these the next time you're in the makeup aisle!!
It was ok
I bought this with high hopes. My eye lashes and eye brows are getting really sparse. I really liked it in the beginning. I used it everyday for about 3 months, then it just seemed to clump up and look pasty.

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