4.4 5 0 155 155 Achieve glossy, shiny, healthy-looking lashes and brows, infused with long wearing conditioning agents in e.l.f.’s Clear Brow & Lash Mascara.
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It was ok
I bought this with high hopes. My eye lashes and eye brows are getting really sparse. I really liked it in the beginning. I used it everyday for about 3 months, then it just seemed to clump up and look pasty.
A beauty staple
I use this product all the time to tame my brows. It gives a natural & shiny to hold to them even over my makeup. This is a staple beauty product for me.
Good for the price
This is one of the first products I used when I first started doing my brows. For the price is works pretty good. I never really used the “mascara” side I always used both to set my brows. Great for beginners. A little product goes a long way. I like using another spoolie to brush product on my brows.
Weird at first
Very weird at first. Not use to it. But it is very useful and turned out to be a cool product. Well spent money trying this !
It is okay.
It is great that it is clear because you don't get smears. But it really did not do much to make my lashes lok longer and thicker
Not bad but not good
This is an ok product for the cost. It wouldn't be my first choice.
Great product
I like using this product in combination with my other brow and lash products. It does a good job at keeping those stray brows in place and just giving my brows an edgier side! I am also a huge E.L.F fan!
Eyebrows on fleek
I have been using this for last few years! My eyebrows are a little crazy sometimes, and this makes it easy to get them set where I want them. This doesn't leave your eyebrows "crunchy" or stiff. I wish it had a little bit more staying power though, but it lasts pretty much an eight hour work day though so really not too big of a deal. My only complaint is, you need to either wipe your brows beforehand (after putting on foundation and/or powder) or wipe the applicator after use- I've noticed if I don't, the clear gel turns tan, and can leave color in your brows. But for the price, you can't beat it, would definitely recommend!
Worth the price
This product is definitely worth the price. It's very inexpensive and whether you believe it or not if you use just enough it lasts. I actually use it as a finishing touch for my brows and it works for me! I have not problems with it. I just prefer to use it when we have rainy days so I know my brow pomade will not rinse away (lol)
Cant beat it! The price is even better.
I really like this. It definitely works. It is great quality. Doesnt nake my eyes wayer or flake off half way through the day. I use it mainly on my brows to keep the pesky ones in pace. It is great for that. Also great to keep things in plce for a no makeup make up day.
For only $2, this is a great brow setting gel. You can also use it before your mascara, or alone on your lashes for a volume boost!
I’ve used this for Many Years Now! Usually Two on hand always.I use it on Brows after I’ve filled them in & applied setting powder. Makes them dark again. 1 I use strictly on brows Other one I use on lashes, prior to Mascara & sometimes after if I need to separate. If I use after, I make sure it’s the opposite end. Sometimes the mascara will come on wand(thus using opposite side). Days where I don’t want a full effect of mascara, I use that side. Gives a hind of darkness. Love E. L. F. brand. quality products without huge price tags
elf clear brow and lash mascara
elf clear brow and lash mascara is great for taming eye brows.
No crusty feeling
After searching for a new brow gel to use, I came across this at Walmart and decided to give it a try. I had previously only used tinted ones so I was a bit hesitant with it just being clear. But to my surprise I ended up loving it. It didn’t make my brows all crusty, and didn’t change the color of my eyebrows like tinted ones have. Kept everything in place! I also used the mascara portion, I tried using it under my mascara in hopes that it would help lengthen or keep them curled. I didn’t notice much of a different though, so I wasn’t impressed with that portion.
Elf Brow Gel
I have long, curly brow hairs that are hard to tame. This gel keeps them in place throughout the day and cleans up the look of my brows altogether. It's perfect for when I don't feel like taking the time to fill in my brows with a pencil. Not to mention this product is super affordable compared to some of the more expensive products out there that do the same thing.

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