Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash & Hand Soap 5.3 fl

4.8 5 0 26 26 A vanilla-orange liquid castile soap, Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash and Hand Soap was formulated to be effective and mild on delicate newborn babies and pregnant mamas - which means it’s safe for the whole family. But it is not just for bodies; this foaming soap is perfect for handwashing too. And because castile soap is known to fight germs it’s also an essential ingredient for multiple DIY household cleaners.
Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash & Hand Soap 5.3 fl


I love this product for my baby and it smells amazing. So gentle on the skin.Definitely my favorite.
A very good product. It washes well and leaves a terrific smell as well.
Earth Mama is the best!
I bought this product because I liked the name. When I finally used it I was happily surprised on. how wonderful it is to use everyday.It's a gentle product but it leaves. my hands clean & soft.
Perfect for my baby
My baby has sensitive skin but this product works great for her. She doesn't have any reaction to it.
Earth mama for the win!
I swear by Mama products. This is my favorite baby wash. It’s not too thick yet gives a good lather. I particularly love the scent the most. If any improvements I’d sell larger sizes or a lavender and chamomile scent.
Good babywash
i reallh like this babywash and it is not expensive.suitable for all skin didnt irritate my baby's skin
Worth the purchase
Absolutely a great deal a great ride and a product that I had never heard of people were I would definitely purchase this again it's a cute little bottle that packs a wallop of great product my daughters and I we buy this often cuz it works for our family
Earth Mama Seet Orange Baby Wash
I received a sample of this and tried and LOVED it! My baby & I both have sensitive & dry skin. This was (with a delightful orange scent) was so clean & non-drying. I am on our second bottle! My 5 year old uses it in his bath as well!
I live this baby wash for my little baby
It’s gentle to my baby . It has safe ingredients for my baby’s skin
Works Great
Earth Mama Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash & Hand Soap is a really good product. I use it on my 23mo and my 8mo. It was easy on their skin. And smells really good!
This is a great product with a wonderful scent that I trust to use on my kids and know that is safe! Highly recommend!
So trusting
I love this product and what an amazing scent it’s such a great feeling knowing your using good products made from the nest ingredients my son loves this so much he always says mama I wana wash my hands how adorable
Absolutely wonderful
Wonderful product it's great for cleaning your hands and safe enough for baby I recommend absolutely love the fragrance
I purchased this over the past weekend and I just love it! It smells amazing and leaves your hands so soft!
Baby wash
I love how it leaves my baby boys skin feeling so smooth after he got out the bath. It only takes a small application on a rag to get the job done. I would definitely recommend.

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