Energizer Tap LED Moon Cabinet Lights

4.6 5 0 254 254 Wireless lighting with no wiring needed, convenient and dependable lighting for emergencies and power outages. Add light to your home without the need for an electrician.
Energizer Tap LED Moon Cabinet Lights


Very practical for me
For this small light it's surprising brighter than I expected
Perfect for small space
This light works perfect in closets or any small space. It would be good for a child’s night light. It’s easy to push on or off and it’s just bright enough to see close by. I highly recommend this light.
Perfect for Small Spaces
I put these in my closets that do not have a light. They are perfect to push on and off and well worth it.
We have one of these in each room. We live in Florida and are always having our lights go out due to storms, hurricanes, etc. These are perfect to light our way around the house. I even have them in my clothes closets. Perfect!
I love having these I have one in my closet and some spare for when the power goes out. I leave one in the kitchen and another in the living room which is where we usually are when the power goes out.
easy to see
I use this in my closets. One light lights up my whole closet. This also makes an excellent emergency light.
These are great for small spaces. They aren’t bright enough for large areas. They do their job and makes with not having stubbed toes. They are reasonably priced.
Lights up my life
Love these push lights! Sometimes they are cabinets and little corners of the house that just doesn’t get any light. These come in handy! You can easily move them and they put off a good amount of light. I use them all over the house. They work great for my hall closet that doesn’t have a light of its own, under the kitchen sink, in the corner of my pantry, and even under my bed.
Great for small spaces
You never realize how many small spaces in your house don't have light. This LED tap light it perfect for those. Maybe just an extra bit of light in your closet, under a cabinet, in a pantry- yes I have these in all the spots. Even in my lazy susan that just doesn't get enough light to the back. Just a tap and you have the perfect lighting without the need for electrical cords. Litereally so convenient
Love these lights. They are simple and easy to use and can be used for so many things. My kids use these at night to read in bed before they fall asleep and they are simple enough for them!
Great for closets!
These are great for dark spaces and closets. A quick push and you have a light! They last quite a while too! I like that I can take them down and there is no drilling holes.
Excellent produit !
Super pratique comme produit !! On peut l'installer pratiquement n'importe où... Son prix est aussi assez bien. Fonctionne bien à tout coups !
Its really easy to use an u can put a light in hard to get places like oolboxes or cabinets or use them dor a low light security light very useful product
Don’t last long
This under the cabinet light In my experience has been awful it is expensive and it has a very short battery life. If you don’t mind throwing money away then buy these.
Perfect for kids rooms
I love these! My son is afraid of being in the dark and these are perfect for his room. It's not so bright that it keeps him awake. It turns off after a while and he can turn it on anytime he needs it.

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