Energizer Tap LED Moon Cabinet Lights

4.7 5 0 112 112 Wireless lighting with no wiring needed, convenient and dependable lighting for emergencies and power outages. Add light to your home without the need for an electrician.
Energizer Tap LED Moon Cabinet Lights


Perfect for Hurricane IAN Victims
I've bought 100 of these off of Amazon and sent them down to Fory Myers Florida for Hurricane IAN Victims. I hope and pray they get to them safely and are used. I have some at home and they are perfect around the house.
Energizer ez lights
These energizer cabinet lights provide long lasting use, are so convenient and easy to use. Another great product from this tried and true brand. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for cost effective, easy to use lighting options. They are great for limited and small spaces!
My husband bought one of these lights to try in our kitchen, since there isn’t a good light over our stove. After sticking it under the cabinet over the stove we turned it on. We were pleasantly surprised how illuminating it was. We ended up going out and buying a few more to brighten up other areas of our house.
Pop of light
These are great to put under cabinets when my teenagers want to get a snack in the kitchen super late instead of turning all the lights on. It’s great for me also in the mornings while I make my coffee
Bright and durable
Was very impressed with this pop in Light. Was very bright and it's bright and easy to just stick and put up into my cabinets Abbott's was just bright enough so I could see what I was getting even in the middle of the night.
I saw the light….
These are a life saver… we lost power and i have young kids, thank goodness we bought one to put in every room.. they are so bright it’s like we didn’t miss a beat, it filled up the entire room with light so we could see everything. I definitely recommend..
So so
I think it’s a good product I just don’t like how it eventually falls off what you stick it to
Works great
I love using this in the pantry, I have no light in it and this makes things so much easier when looking for something it’s pretty bright too
I use them all the time in my closet… it’s last forever and I wouldn’t use anything else…
Prefer Motion-Acticated
I really like these lights for what they are, but I would recommend motion activated lights if you are using them in spaces you travel frequently in the dark like hallways, bathrooms, and stairs.
They are perfect because they are small so they don’t take up space yet they do illuminate a small room which is perfect for restrooms or if the lights goes out in your home .
Excellent quality
I purchased these lights to be used under a counter in my kitchen and they work great! They are really bright and easy to use. I will definitely be purchasing several more for my closets.
Easy and Accessible
These little lights are so awesome to have in various rooms in the house or in a hallway. Easy source of light at night when we dont want to blast the big light on to walk through the house or go into another room for something. Helps makes my kids feel better also without making my electric bill skyrocket havin g a light on all night. i would recommend to anyone!
The light saver!
Our power went out during a bad storm for a few days. Lucky we had a few of these bad boys stashed away. Puts the ol candles to shame. Have you ever carried a candle to the bathroom and it fell over mid bowel movement? NIGHTMARE!!
it works
I like this light! It is great for any small area of your house that might need a little bit of extra light! It's perfect for my dark closet so that I don't need to turn on the main light in the room.

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