4.9 5 0 9 9 Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Color features ‘dry on-the-fly’ formula. The product retails in a 0.33-fl. oz. pack, in the shades: 240 IRL; Crop Top & Roll; Second Hand, First Love; Crave the Chaos; Trend & Snap; Checked In; Party Mix & Match; Buns Up; Cold Brew Crew; Mid-day Mocha; Take the Espresso; Busy Beeline; Saffr-on the Move; Don't Hate, Curate; All Things OOO; Desk Mani; Strong at 1%; In a Flash Sale; Hustle N Bustle; Bolt and Be Bold; Seize the Minute; In the Time Zone; Throw It On; Get a Mauve On; Scoot Scoot; Mic Drop-It Low; Breaking the Bold; Misfit Right In; Notifications On; Not So Low-Key; Taxi Hopping; Express to Impress; Precious Cargo-go!; Don't Be Latte; Air Dry Expressive; Lose the Snooze; Binge-Worthy; No Time for Local; Now or Never; Always Transparent; and 340.
Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Color
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super quick
I purchased this because I needed a nail polish that would dry faster than anything I had at the time, and boy it worked amazingly! I was super excited to find out how good this nail polish was. Would totally recommend!
Works Well
I like this polish. Most polish doesn't stay on my nails, because I have oily nail beds. This polish stays better than most, and comes in fun colors. It also comes in neutrals, something for every mood, and every season.
Better than expected!
I've always trusted the Essie brand, as they have high quality products with tons of options. No one likes to sit and wait for their polish to dry, so I had to give this a go even though I doubted the claims. Let me tell you, I was shocked! Within a couple minutes, it wasn't just dry to the touch but thoroughly cured! It applies smoothly, so no worries about it drying as you apply.
Love it!
Quick drying , great pigment and coverage and resistant to chipping prematurely. Go for it !
Love this polish
I love the essie quick dry polish. I used two coats and it still dried very quickly. The colors are also very pretty. I also liked the brush shape. I recommend these nail polishes.
Great polish
I really like the Essie expressie nail polish. It dries quickly and the application process doesn’t take too long. One coat of polish and you’re good to go!
Beautiful long lasting color!
I absolutely love Essie express dry polish. This color is so pretty. And did I mention how fast it dries? If you haven't tried Essie express dry polishI highly recommend that you do so. #Tennessee#beautifulcolor
Dries really fast
I painted my nails and cleaned my stove. I didn’t wait a minute, I just painted my nails and went right to cleaning. I don’t have any impressions from my rag and it all stayed put because it dried right away! I did have to apply 2 coats because one was really streaky but I didn’t use a base coat or a top coat. I think the fact that it lasted through all that scrubbing is amazing, too. I’m definitely getting more colors.
Nice, but not good value
You get much less polish than a regular bottle of Essie, so I would only recommend buying this if you absolutely hate layering base coat--->polish--->quick dry top coat. If you tolerate Seche Vite or other fast dry toppers, then there is not much reason to pay more for less product here. Also, the Expressie has a bent brush, which is supposed to help you paint your non-dominant hand, but I found it really clunky.

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