Eveready Collapsible Camping LED Lantern 4-Pack

4.8 5 0 214 214 Brighten any area with the Eveready Collapsible Camping LED Lantern. With convenient top handles, it can be carried as a lantern or collapsed it into a single beam flashlight with side holding handle for up to 91 meters of distance. It delivers 360° of area light with 280 lumens as a lantern and 60 lumens of light as a directional spotlight. Illuminate your path on a hiking or camping trip, light up small spaces during DIY projects, or brighten the inside of your home during a power outage. With red night vision mode, it’s the perfect light for nighttime outdoor activities… plus it has a durable construction, heavy-duty base magnet for versatile placement, and optional single base hook for hanging. It features 4 convenient modes, including a red flashing light for emergencies. Add the Eveready Collapsible Camping LED Lantern to your home or emergency kit for the perfect way to keep things in view—even in the darkest places.
Eveready Collapsible Camping LED Lantern 4-Pack


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