Extra Berry Burst Sugar Free Gum

3.8 5 0 146 146 Berry Burst Flavor A lush, fruity flavor that's sweet and tart like a basket of fresh berries.
Extra Berry Burst Sugar Free Gum


Lack of flavor
This gum is so delicious when first popped in mouth . But the flavor dissipates very quickly after chewing . Your left with a blob of gum with stale flavor . I like this brand but will probably try another flavor
yum Gum
Extra us yum gum LoL don't think i have tried this one.It sounds yummy Tried polar ice it's not to bad & lasting flavor. it's
Berry good taste
I love this berry flavored extra gum. Sugar free and made with sucrose. No caffeine and has a yummy berry aftertaste it does not at all have any gross aftertaste. It’s a definite!
Not For Me
I'm a gum chewer and received this in my stocking. It's a big no for me. I'm sure many will like it, but I'm not that person. To me, it has an unpleasant aftertaste. The flavor is okay but doesn't last long. I gave it to my stepdaughter and she was fine with it.
Favorite gum brand!
This brand never let's me down with their gum! I have one once a day and love them!
Super tasty gum
Absolutely loved this gum. I love gum and this flavorful candy hit the spit. Sugar free calorie free great anytime and anywhere. Easy to throw in my bag for anytime on the go sweet tasty treat.
Everlasting flavor
This gum never loses itsi flavors inside you could live nine lives before you stopped having flavor.i see why they named it extra now!
Long lasting flavor
Flavor is long lasting, and unlike other gums, it doesn't disingrate after chewing it for a while. I like how its also sugar free and reasonably priced as well.
Needs longer lasting flavor
Extra gum is alright and taste good for a sugarless gum. It tends to lose the little flavor it has rather quickly for me. I'll say after about a half hour to an hour of chewing the flavor is done and you're just chewing gum. It doesnt stick to the bottom of your teeth and you can snap it, make bubbles etc... It is sold everywhere and not exspensive.
These are amazing, the taste is so bold & powerful. The flavor doesn’t die out as fast most other gums do so quickly, & it leaves an irresistible taste & smell in your mouth & who doesn’t want that.
Extra berry burst
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my blood sugar. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Extra berry burst
actually like
actually liked a lot...esp as sugar free option to candy
Favorite Gum
This is my favorite gum. It is sugar free. Its flavor is much stronger and makes the breath really fresh. I prefer this over any other brand.
Oh my goodness, this flavor though.. this is now one of my favorite gums. Flavor sticks around and gum doesn’t get hard. I’ll definitely recommend.
I buy this on a regular basis, i love the brand but the flavor is one of my favorites it's a sweet but not overbearing taste and the gum doesn't stick to my caps or fillings, the stick size is perfect, not to big so you can't talk with it in your mouth.

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