5 5 0 3 3 Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk has been repackaged. This kosher certified, homogenized and pasteurized product contains 50% less sugar than chocolate milk, 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk, and is enriched with nine essential nutrients including 13g of high quality protein, 12g of sugar and 380mg of calcium per serving. This grade A milk is said to have been soft filtered to concentrate milk's goodness, like protein and calcium while filtering out half of the natural sugars, is free from artificial growth hormones, rBST and lactose, and retails in a 52-fl. oz. recyclable pack featuring the Real logo.l
Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk
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My whole family tried and loves this product. It has a very rich and smooth texture and has a wonderful flavor. The cost is a little more than other name brands, but to me, it's worth it.
Excellent Fairlife
I never thought Id love this milk as much as I did. This milk tastes very creamy and rich but not overbearing. It tastes like the byrne dairy chocolate milk but even better. I just wish it wasnt so expensive or else Id buy it more.
Fairlife chocolate milk is so delicious and it's lactose free! I love that it is low fat as well. The price isn't too expensive for it being lactose free. I can usually find a coupon online to save money on Fair life milk.

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