4.8 5 0 26 26 Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk has been repackaged. This kosher certified, homogenized and pasteurized product contains 50% less sugar than chocolate milk, 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk, and is enriched with nine essential nutrients including 13g of high quality protein, 12g of sugar and 380mg of calcium per serving. This grade A milk is said to have been soft filtered to concentrate milk's goodness, like protein and calcium while filtering out half of the natural sugars, is free from artificial growth hormones, rBST and lactose, and retails in a 52-fl. oz. recyclable pack featuring the Real logo.l
Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk
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The best
Love it, it is so good, It didn’t mess my stomach up and I’m a diabetic and it did not spike my sugar
Tastes great
My son is lactose intolerant so we buy him fair life. He loves getting the chocolate milk.
Everyone loves this in my house.
I started buying this a bit back and from day 1 everyone loves this chocolate milk. I don't have to pressure the kids to drink their milk if I have this in the house. I feel it's better than regular chocolate milk. When they ask for this I have no problem letting them have this. It tastes so good and good for you.
Delicious and smooth!
This was the best chocolate milk I have ever tried. It has a slightly different texture which I wasn’t expecting. I prefer it over other brands but it is also priced a bit higher so I only buy it as a treat.
Best Chocolate
My daughter loves this chocolate milk. We haven’t really given her chocolate milk until recently and boy has she become a connoisseur. We have bought so many types and brand until she tried this and is in love. I’m happy about it too because she finally has her favorite and healthy chocolate milk. I like the size, it’s not too big of a container and it’s not going to waste.
Great thick milk
This chocolate milk is so delicious and you can’t tell it has less sugar than the next. My whole family loves it. I sometimes use to make iced coffee. I buy this often and hope they make the strawberry in a bottle this size as well.
A great chocolate milk option
One of my favorite store bought chocolate milk options! I appreciate that is a lower fat option, but doesn't skimp on taste.
Smooth and refreshing
This is very good chocolate milk. It is not heavy at all and is not watery either.
Less calories great taste
I buy this often. I like it that it has less calories, reduced fat and best of all it taste delicious.
Best REDUCED fat chocolate milk
Again, fair life is great-I have bought this one many times and it’s rich and creamy and has a velvety finish. Although we do prefer the whole milk one, this is by far the best reduced fat chocolate milk made with pure wholesome ingredients.
Fairlife low fat chocolate milk
Very tasty not only to me but more important to my kids and because it has 50 percent less sugar and 50 percent more protein this is good for my growing kids health and the milk is filtered
Excellent product, lactose free, high source of protein & delicious! 💖
Good stuff
Taste good and my kids like it. We can taste the chocolate. Not too sweet just right. Also have good nutrition.
Taste Rich!
This chocolate milk is worth the extra price. This milk is so rich and smooth it's insane. I also love that it has a longer expiration date than other milks.
Love it
Love the taste! It does not have a over powering flavor. Very creamy.

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