4.9 5 0 14 14 Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk has been repackaged. This kosher certified, homogenized and pasteurized product contains 50% less sugar than chocolate milk, 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk, and is enriched with nine essential nutrients including 13g of high quality protein, 12g of sugar and 380mg of calcium per serving. This grade A milk is said to have been soft filtered to concentrate milk's goodness, like protein and calcium while filtering out half of the natural sugars, is free from artificial growth hormones, rBST and lactose, and retails in a 52-fl. oz. recyclable pack featuring the Real logo.l
Fairlife Chocolate Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered Milk
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Good stuff
Taste good and my kids like it. We can taste the chocolate. Not too sweet just right. Also have good nutrition.
Taste Rich!
This chocolate milk is worth the extra price. This milk is so rich and smooth it's insane. I also love that it has a longer expiration date than other milks.
Love it
Love the taste! It does not have a over powering flavor. Very creamy.
Fairlife Chocolate Milk
Fairlife Chocolate Milk has a deliciously creamy taste for a lowfat milk. It's chocolate flavour isn't overwhelming which is to my taste personally. What a treat!
Fairlife has been quite the solution in our home. 1) I'm lactose intolerant and have an addiction to choco milk. This is devine! I put a glass in the freezer and then serve it 'on the rocks' if you will (LOL) and it's the best late-night treat. 2) If you want a good option for your kids this is definitely it! I'd like to add that their DHA Kids milk is the best too!
I’m constantly looking for chocolate drinks for my dad. He’s 85 and complaining is his hobby. Surprisingly he really liked this one!
A tasty alternative to plant-based milks
our family has begun trying to limit our lactose consumption due to some stomach issues we have been having. We have had decent luck with Almond Milk and soy, but as someone who loves a cold glass of chocolate milk something was always lacking. I hadn't realized there was a lactose free chocolate dairy milk option available until I stumbled upon this at Walmart. I can happily say you can not tell the difference between this an traditional reduced fat chocolate milk except this doesn't upset my stomach. The price was also on-par with traditional milk offerings, certainly more affordable than almond milk and chocolate syrup. This is now a staple in my weekly shopping list.
Happy Find!
I found out the hard way after giving birth to my son that regular milk makes us sick. It took me awhile to figure out why we both had constant stomach aches, so I opted for almond or soy milk if I had to drink it. I came across this lactose free milk which I didn’t even know existed a few days ago at our local grocery store. I gave it a shot, and fell in love! I love my chocolate milk, and the thought of giving it up completely made me sad. This tastes like regular milk, with a rich chocolate flavor. Neither my son or I had an adverse side effects! I will keep this brand on hand always! It is a little more pricey, so I wouldn’t rely on just that one carton for a family unless everyone had an allergy to lactose.
One of my favorite milk brands ever.
I love that because it is ultra-filtered milk it is lactose free. I can't just drink a cup of chocolate milk anymore with out facing consequences later but, this is the one brand I can buy and know that I can enjoy too. I was very surprised that the chocolate flavor was so good because they use only 2% milk in it. I'm normally a whole milk person when I do try and enjoy chocolate milk.
They loved it
Our doctor recently recommended we try a lactose free diet. Switching to lactose free milk was easy because it tastes sweeter and we love it. My daughter likes chocolate milk before school and sometimes I just don’t have the extra few minutes to measure and mix. I wanted to get premixed chocolate milk but there are very few options in our town. I was so hesitant because this is low fat and we usually get whole milk. My kids loved this, though! It’s so easy to just pour this into a cup and take it to go on the way to school, too.
I love chocolate milk and I am lactose intolerant,this milk is not only lactose free,but super creamy and smooth and the chocolate flavor is not overbearing.It is heavenly!
My whole family tried and loves this product. It has a very rich and smooth texture and has a wonderful flavor. The cost is a little more than other name brands, but to me, it's worth it.
Excellent Fairlife
I never thought Id love this milk as much as I did. This milk tastes very creamy and rich but not overbearing. It tastes like the byrne dairy chocolate milk but even better. I just wish it wasnt so expensive or else Id buy it more.
Fairlife chocolate milk is so delicious and it's lactose free! I love that it is low fat as well. The price isn't too expensive for it being lactose free. I can usually find a coupon online to save money on Fair life milk.

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