4.7 5 0 62 62 fairlife Nutrition Plan is a high protein and low sugar nutrition shake made to help you achieve your health goals
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Great size!
If you are sensitive to milk, this is a great alternative. Tastes like a milkshake with no gassy stomach.
Loved the 30g carbs!
love the convenience of taking along, AND, keeping me full. I forget to eat sometimes when I'm really busy (not good if you have diabetes) The flavor is outstanding too! lov
Great Taste
Great tasting protein drink. Would purchase again
Love these so much! They taste great not too rich and not watery tasting. Perfect chocolate taste and perfect for snacks and meal replacements. Would definitely recommend.
Yummy Fair life
I absolutely love Fair life! These shakes are so good. In my opinion one of the best I’ve tried.
Taste isn't the best
I do like this protein shake but it tastes like soy to me. I felt full for a long time which is what I was looking for. The price is ok, the taste needs work. Would still recommend.
One of the best protein milks!
I absolutely love this chocolate protein milk. It takes exactly like chocolate milk but with less sugar and more protein. It's probably one of the best brands in have tried. And it doesn't taste like typical protein shakes.
Great chocolate taste
These are great for hight protein and great taste. We love them. Great price and quality
I drink aalot of different brands of milk. I didn't care for the taste of this one. Usually anything taste good to me but this was kinda a on nasty side. Ewww.
So nasty, it didn’t even taste like chocolate milk. It had a horrible chemical taste, ew
Mommas choice
I give these to my children as their chocolate milk threat. They absolutely rave about this drink and cannot get enough. I love that it’s healthy and I love the compact packaging that doesn’t take too much room to store!
interested in your products
Really interested in your products and to better know your brand I would have liked to receive some samples of your products and your catalog. O
Awesome taste
Taste was great. Wasn't chalky or heavy to upset my stomach
Loved the taste, It was not heavy like other protein shakes. This is a staple in my fridge now.
Not too much of a milk girl.
I don’t like milk on a regular basis but once in a while I do and I recently tried this milk and I love it !!!!! It doesn’t upset my stomach and it tastes good. And my kids love it too.

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