4.9 5 0 47 47 fairlife Nutrition Plan is a high protein and low sugar nutrition shake made to help you achieve your health goals
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Mommas choice
I give these to my children as their chocolate milk threat. They absolutely rave about this drink and cannot get enough. I love that it’s healthy and I love the compact packaging that doesn’t take too much room to store!
interested in your products
Really interested in your products and to better know your brand I would have liked to receive some samples of your products and your catalog. O
Awesome taste
Taste was great. Wasn't chalky or heavy to upset my stomach
Loved the taste, It was not heavy like other protein shakes. This is a staple in my fridge now.
Not too much of a milk girl.
I don’t like milk on a regular basis but once in a while I do and I recently tried this milk and I love it !!!!! It doesn’t upset my stomach and it tastes good. And my kids love it too.
I loove this stuff
This drink was amazing. I buy it every time i go to the store. I love the taste, and trust that company with every product they make. I have told all my friends to buy this. My whole family loves it.
Fair life shakes
Very delicious and very nutritious plus very tasty a great combination
Great taste
With three single and busy women in the house we don’t always cook a decent sit down meal. It’s great to just grab a bottle knowing you get your daily nutrients. My daughter is a power lifter and it gives her the extra protein she needs for her muscles. Great tasting too! Doesn’t have the nasty medicinal taste that some supplements have.
awsome great product wouldnt hesitate to buy again
Excellent source of protein
I bought this product when my neurologist became concerned with my weight loss. Some of my MS medication makes me lose my appetite. The fairlife protein shakes are creamy and taste amazingly well! I'm very happy with this product and choose it over other brands. I just wish they put out more coupons for it. Sometimes eating table food is impossible for me and this is my only source of food.
This was a great go to when I had no time to make something to eat for lunch and wanted to make sure I had protein. Lived the fact it comes in chocolate so it helps curve my sweet tooth!
Taste really good .just a strong chocalate flavor to me.
Tastes great
I tried this product when a medication I am on killed my appetite and I was losing weight. This tasted great and I was able to maintain my weight.
Chocolate Milk Alternative
Tried this product when my dr. recommended it to me. Loving this protein drink. It has the recommended amount of protein for me and takes just like regular chocolate milk. Loving it!
Fairlife milkshake
Excellent product!! Taste and consistency very good!!! Feels and tastes like milk, or milk shake that's real, not watered down

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