4.8 5 0 361 361 Specially formulated to eliminate your tough or strong pet odors.
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Love the great scent it leaves in the air. Helps with the odor of the dogs in the summer heat
love the spray!
our house gets a musty smell sometimes and I love the Febreze air. Also love this specific one because it helps with deep pet smells as well. Would recommend this to anyone. It's safe and easy to use.
I love the smell.
I love the smell & I really love the new look almost more than the smell. I don’t know what it is about it’s look but I like it and it catches my eye every time I pass it in the store.
Takes all smells away for hrs and makes ur home fresh and clean smelling great.
Love love love
I have a German Sheperd that likes to get wet or dirty anytime he can. I am constantly trying to find ways to get rid of the odor in my house when it rains mainly. Since using this I can eliminate the wet dog smell in seconds and not worry about my home smelling bad.
Great odor control for pet accidents
I love this stuff! The smell is amazing and it REALLY is effective. I’m having trouble lately with my 5 yr old Pomeranian Daisy going potty in the house. I’m not sure why she’s going through this phase but after cleaning the mess, I spray this around the air and directly onto the spot and the smell is neutralized! Love it! Get mine from Walmart for a great price!
Freshness Finally
Having rescued animals running around your house can sometimes leave a not so great smell, however a quick spray & it'll freshen up the room. Yes, I'd definitely recommend it!
Great smell!
Has a very pleasant smell and does a great job at removing pet odors! I love the Febreze Air Effects products.
Rica fragancia con solo un poco deja la habitación con un olor fresco mata malos olores enseguida, me encanta.
nice scent
Not a bad scent but the dogs still win the odor factor
Febreze Rocks
It leaves the room smelling clean! With 2 poodles and a 9 year old boy I definitely need to stick up.
Good value
This freshener does a good job at covering the mild smells from my dog. Its not overwhelming though. I wpuld recommend people with pets to try it.
It’s smells good but doesn’t eliminate odor it wears off quickly and doesn’t fill the room with fragrance
I fell in love with the Tide one, but this one works amazing too.
The best
I have 2 puppy’s that are indoor!! This has help me a lot!! Smell really good and it last a lot!

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