4.8 5 0 437 437 Specially formulated to eliminate your tough or strong pet odors.
Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray
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Love it!!
Great! Not overwhelming, doesn't drench or leave wetness behind. Highly recommended!! Would definitely purchase & use again!!
El mejor!!!
Me encanta su aroma... excelente para el hogar y para que los aromas desagradables desaparezcan y súper ayuda para que el ambiente se sienta limpio y fresco.
Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray. This smells really good
Where have you been my whole life ??
This product takes care of every odor in the home of 2 dogs who think playing in the water outside and coming in to the house is so much fun. I love the way the odor does not stay when they come in.
This stuff smells great! I have 3 cats and 4 litter boxes. The first time I sprayed this I was totally amazed at how well this worked. I also have a senior dog that forgets to do his business outside so I sprayed this after one of his accidents and the smell disappeared immediately! This stuff is amazing! I recommend anyone who has pets to try this! You'll love it and keep on hand. It helps with cooking smells, garbage etc... The price is great also!
Works Perfectly!!
I bought this when I got my dog, and it has been working amazingly!! I used the product whenever my dog had accidents, and it got rid of the smell right away. The scent that is produced is fresh as well.
Air freshener
I really like this stuff I have a German Shepard and she can be stinky and this seems to eliminate a lot of the smell
Must have for pet owners. Rids the air and fabric from pet odors.
I love this stuff
I would recommend this 2 anybody. It really does work and smells really good.
Very good
Covers up smell and not so potent that you have to leave the room like most sprays
Smells Great
I have 7 fur babies. This always keeps the odors down leaving a clean smell through the home and car..
A must have for pet owners
Absolutely LOVE this product!!! It helps keep the house smelling fresh during the winter seasons when fresh air is limited. I use it for in between washes of the dog bed, on the couch, and really anywhere!!! I have also used it to freshen up the car a little!! Great to have on hand !
Works great I use this at home and at work. Covers up bad smells and smells great.
Great around litter boxes
This worked great for my laundry room where the litter box is kept. It helped eliminate the smell without covering it with another harsh artificial perfume-y smell. It has a subtle clean scent instead.
Smells so nice!
I have 2 big dogs that love to play outside. This is good for spraying on their bedding and in their area to keep the house smelling nice.

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