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Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray
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Dog odor gone
I love this product. It’s easy to use, has a fresh scent and gets rid of dog odors. I have 2 dogs that leave normal dog odor and with this product myself and home visitors do not smell it. A clean, fresh scent is all myself and my home visitors smell. I also use the plug in Febreeze product that I love as well.
Great scent
Use daily In the house. After 3 dogs it’s a refreshing scent to have around !
Takes the smell right away!!
I have a couple cats and I use this every day right after I scoop the boxes. This eliminates that icky smell completely!!
Bye bye litter box odors
I foster kittens, and kittens can be gross. This also means that I have at least two litter boxes in my one bedroom apartment almost all of the time. This febreeze spray is fantastic at getting rid of odors without just masking them with a heavily perfumed scent.
all day
love these cans. I have a few of them in the house and they last a long time, great odor diffuser. great price and the smells are awesome. i have pets and its takes care of the odor pretty well
It really works!
No matter how clean my dog is, he still smells like a dog-Fabreze works. That faint dog smell is gone!
Great for pet owners
Eliminates odors rather than just covering them up. Has a nice scent, not overwhelming and lasts longer than most air fresheners I have tried, Would definitely recommend it if you have pets
Great product
Being that I have one dog, 2 cats & a 15 yr old son this was a must try for me. The scent is not overwhelming and it works well lasting longer than other brands I have tried
fresh clinging
Freshens the room and its a long lasting. my dogs got wet in the rain and it whipped the wet dog smell away.
Must have if you have pets
I started using this product at the beginning of 2019. I have two large boxer dogs and they love to leave not so great smells around my house. Most of the air fresheners I tried seemed to just mask their odors and no actually eliminate them. Not this one!! I have always loved Febreeze products but this is now one of my absolute favorites. Not only does this spray smell amazing, but it keeps smelling amazing because instead of masking my dogs’ odors it actually completely eliminates them! I spray this literally everywhere. It leaves my house smelling so great you wouldn’t even know I had pets if you didn’t see them! This is an extremely high quality product and I definitely recommend it to anyone with pets. It is a must have! Thank you Febreeze for another wonderful and must have product! Love it!
No more doggy smell
I’ve got 2 furbabies and I absolutely love this spray. It works really well when they come in from out side when it’s been rainy and your house smells like wet dog. This is also a great spray to freshen up your house.
Great product
This really works on pet smells . I spray the dogs bed and it take his smell right out love it
Love Febreze products
I use several Febreze products, so I was excited to try this pet-specific one. Can't say that I notice a major difference in coverage from their regular product. I've only got one cat, so maybe the difference is more noticeable in households with multiple pets. I must mention that these products have the best design, I love the spray top which is never messy.
Great for dogs.
When my fur baby gets wet, he smells up the whole house. This works amazingly well. Definitely will keep using this.
I dog sat for my sister and had her Golden Retriever in my car and it smelled awful afterwards. This spray took the smell out immediately!

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