4.8 5 0 387 387 Specially formulated to eliminate your tough or strong pet odors.
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Best air freshener
I think this is the best thing ever to kill bad odor and not cover up smells or mix them to make things worse. It's really just awesome stuff!
If you have pets you will love Febreeze for Pets
We have 2 dogs and a Pot Bellied Pig in our home. I’m worried about the odors in our home every time we have a visitor. Now I just walk around our home spraying the Febreeze for Dogs and I never worry again. The house smells fresh and airy! I love it! There is no chemical smell, just fresh air!
Good product
I thought the smell was pretty nice, not overpowering but definitely enough to deal with pet odors.
Good smell
I tried this and t doesn't last long enough for the $3 each price on
Doesn't last long
Fragrance doesn't last too long and i don't like the smell of this product.
Awesome product worked well, got rid of odors caused by my pups
Pleasant fragrance.
I love the fragrance. It really eliminates all pet odors.
Odor be gone!
I have an American bulldog mixed with pitbull . My dog gets real messy in the yard . Always bringing funk in the house especially if it’s wet outside due to rain and that’s always! Miami is a rainy city. This helps a lot with the smell on his bed and anywhere he passes through. Get this for your house
Smells fresh
I really like the way it removes the odor within seconds and leavrs my home smelling fresh for quite some time
Maggie stinks
Love this, even covers up the sassycat litter box smell.
Awesome scent
It had a fresh burst of freshness! I would recommend this product. I enjoyed the scent it was awesome.don't change a thing!!No room for improvements.
From OOooo to Aaahhh
2 dogs inside all day leave an odor that is almost undescribable. Through the course of the day they find time to lay or play on every piece of furniture in every room. Febreze is my life saver
Love the smell of clean
I love how clean and fresh with only the smallest spray gives the area and room. The air just smells cleaner and free of odors when using this specific brand. I highly recommend giving it a try.
I love this product. It eliminates smells quickly and effortlessly. I have kids and pets and you would not even be able to tell. It’s not expensive and it’s worth it. I would recommend it to everyone.
need for house with animals
We use this on furniture, bedding and anything else to dogs (yes plural large labs) come into contact with. When it is wet outside things get a damp smell and this takes care of that odor very well.

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