Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray

4.8 5 0 524 524 Specially formulated to eliminate your tough or strong pet odors.
Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray


I bought this because I have two Yorkie's and they love to lay on the couch and roll around. I feel like for the price of Febreze it's not worth it. I sprayed my couch and it was ok for a couple hours then the fresh smell way gone.
Eliminates pet odor
I have a cat and a dog. Spray Febreze and the pet odor goes away. Pleasant smell that doesn't smell like cheap perfume. Last all day. I spray it in the air and on the curtains once a day for fresh scent.
Great for pet odors
Our household has six pets and we try all types of deodorizers for pet odors. This works fantastic, it's not heavily scented and doesn't mask odors, but instead fights the odors to eleminate.
Febreze review
The Febreze was good and killed any odor that was around. It smelled way better after I used the product and lasted a long time. Wish there we more scents available but overall loved this product and would recommend.
I love Febreze!
We have pets and sometimes they leave a little mistake for us in the middle of the night. I clean it up, but sometimes you just need some febreze to get rid of the smell. The febreze for pets would be good even if you don't have pets. The smell is strong and lasts long.
Febreeze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray is Great
I truly love this Febreeze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray!! It is long lasting and smells fantastic!! It is not like other sprays that just smell sweet for a minute and then gone. Febreeze seems to honestly get rid of the odor!! I use it in every room of the house. Our dog doesn't smell bad, but once in a while she rolls in something or gets ahold of something in the backyard and hello!!! The smell is horrible and Febreeze does the trick!! It wipes the smell right out!! I recommend this particular Febreeze to everyone with pets!!
Gets rid of wet pet smell
I really like using Fabreeze Heavy Duty Pet spray because it not only gets rid of regular dog and cat smells, but it gets rid of "wet dog" smell.
Works great
This product does wonders in my home. I’ve tried SO many different products but none compare to the effectiveness and longevity of Febreze
Good smell but.
I feel like I am filling my home with chemicals. It does get rid of pet odors- but I am a huge fan of truly cleaning a home - removing dust and dirt and dander and getting fresh clean air that way!!! .
Smells so good I have 1 bottle in every main room. I have 2 dogs and 2 children and it leaves my house smelling so good for hours. Also have a bottle in my car as well.
Amazing Aroma's
This stuff works great when you need a quick odor fix
I use this product and it completely eliminates odors.
Great for pet odors
This product works great with pet odors!We have 2 rescue dogs that we adopted.Now that they are comfortable in their forever home,they have completely taken over our yard!They get into everything,and we have one acre of fenced grass and trees
The great smell.
I have been using this product for while now. I have no problem with it. It stays with the scent for more than a minute.
Smells good only when sprayed
I am not a big fan of sprays and this one is no different. They smell amazing when being sprayed but it only lasts a minute or so. Too bad it didn't continue to smell good for a while after

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