4.8 5 0 1207 1207 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
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That's is best product for your hone fresher so I suggested my friends
amazing smell
it smells so amazing I hope everyone get to try this item out and im so in love with it and I hope yall go out and try this product out soon. I recommend it to u all . I hope come in more different smells
Can't get enough!!
I seriously cannot get enough of this Febreze! It's such a light, crisp, clean scent that lingers just the correct amount of time! There are the obvious cons, of course - Spray too much and get completely soaked! Yes, I have done this... But it has been oh so worth it for the scent! Other than that tidbit, I highly recommend it. My air is fresher, crisp and clean. My whole family loves it! Also, we have 3 guinea pigs, a ferret and 2 bearded dragons - So, if you can come into my home, smelling nothing but freshness, you know my air freshener is working!!
Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain Original Scent
Just when you think Fabreze can’t get any better....they add Gain scent! Such a good idea!
I LOVE this scent of febreeze. So fresh and crisp and stays in the room for a long period.
Febreze Gain scent
Smells great! Definitely works to overpower any bad odors you may be trying to get rid of. I wouldn't recommend it if you're sensitive to stronger smells. But if you're fine with strong smells that smell wonderful then definitely try this!
Love it
I absolutely love this product. This is a must try I'd you've never tried it
It does its job. It overpowers any odor and I feel more relaxed when I used this. I wish it could be more because I go through it so quickly. I would definitely recommend this product
Can't go wrong with Febreeze
I love febreeze. They always have the perfect scents that can help make an area smell clean and/or fresh. This scent is amazing, even if you don't use or are unfamiliar with the scent of Gain. The only complaint is the scent lasts about 5 hours
Smells good
Love all of these with the gain added. Smells amazing.
Smells amazing!
I always go buy febreze just because the product itself I know won’t give my hopes up! Any scent always smells pleasing, I wish the scent itself where stronger. But it does linger.
Smells really good!
Febreze keeps my home smelling fresh, love the added Gain touch! Reasonably priced and easily accessible to repurchase. This is a must have in our home and I highly recommend this air freshener spray and may I add, the spray lever is easy to use!
Strong- but effective scent
This product is a great air freshener. I used it all the time when I was raising a puppy. It eliminates order and substitutes a fresh laundry smell. However, the aroma is strong. Would not recommend for sensitive noses.
Love this product
I love the way this smells. It is not overbearing. I like the design and they way that it sprays like a mist.
Leaves your home smelling fresh
The freshness of this is amazing! Spray your entire house to eliminate unwanted odors!

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