4.8 5 0 1259 1259 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
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Great for our household with dogs
This spray really helps to freshen up some scents. In our dog filled household the air can get kind of stale. I love being able to rely on this product to help make the house smell better.
Smells great
I absolutely love the Febreze Air sprays. They smell so good and last a long time in the air.
Great item
I love the smell of this product it keeps the house smelling fresh especially when I'm smoking in the house and somebody come over that I don't want to know that I smoke this kills the scent
the best
This spray will make your apt smell like it’s got a hot date. There’s still a faint scent of what it used to be but it’s a lot better than the crap before. Let’s be real this is not a laundry machine. It’s spray. It does what it’s supposed to do cover up smells that are gross. The twin packs the way to go. Being a twin myself I understand that these bottles want to be together but not all the time so give them each their own room that’s whats best. You hear that mom I want my own room.
great smell cover up
Hands down the best way to cover up smells near and around the house. Very nice smell especially after a fish fry. I use it on a daily bases because of doing laundry.
Love Febreze
Hands down my favorite of the febreze scents! Smells just like the gain laundry products. The scent last longer then any similar product on the market. I'd bought once to try and now purchase regularly. I can't imagine buying any other product!
Kathy's products
I love it .It smells fantastic and every thing smells so clean and fresh.
Febreeze freshner with gain
I adore all febreeze products. So the air freshner with gain in it is no exception. It smells like frsh laundry without having to do the laundry. My only complaint would be theclength of time it stsys smelling fresh in the room. It seems to last under half an hour before you would have to resprsy.
Love all things Febreze
I love all the Febreze products and especially the gain with Febreze! It leaves my house smelling so fresh and takes away oder! It's hard to find something that works good when you have five boys in the house! But, that's where my Febreze comes in at!!
My Favorite
Love all things Gain and especially Febreeze withGain. Perfect for the car and love thelong lasting scent.
Fresh scent!
Love the smell.. gets rid of all odors , especially the scents that tag along with my dog as she comes in from outside.
Nice fresh & clean sent. Use a few times week. Helps freshen the air since it's been too hot to open windows.
It is a great product. It eliminates all bad smells very quickly. Smells great.
This product is very good..we bought to try we have pets and works great
Love this scent and how long it lingers around my house after spraying.

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