4.8 5 0 1246 1246 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
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This product is very good..we bought to try we have pets and works great
Love this scent and how long it lingers around my house after spraying.
So Fresh
Another great Febreze product! It eliminates bad odors with a clean & fresh smell! It's fragrance isn't heavy and overbearing! One of the best parts is that the smell lasts longer than any other sprays! It's a definite win!!
I love the smell of the gain in the febreze. The long lasting scent is nice.It just makes everything smell clean and fresh.
Pet odor dissapears.
This product really works. Takes away pet odors and leaves behind a fresh smell.
Fresh smell
This product is 1of my favorites. It doesn't leave the usual aerosol smell behind. On the contrary it leaves a natural smell of cleanliness.
Not overpowering
Great scent and not to overpowering. Smells fresh and lasts.
Wonderful product
I use Febreze Air Effects weekly in my kitchen garbage can. Every time a new trash bag goes in so does a spray of Air Effects. It diminishes the stink in even the smelliest of trash cans. I have used it in my dog's waste trash can outside in the summer time, when the smell has been unbearable and minutes later the foul smell is gone! I am amazed by this product! Since I do not use the product daily, nor do I spray a lot when I use it, the canister lasts me about a year. I have no complaints about the value. I have tried other scents but found the Spring & Renewal to be the most pleasant to me as well as the lightest. I do not like scents to be too overbearing. I would highly recommend it
Best odor eliminator
I love febreeze and I love Gain so it is a win win. The scent is powerful enough to cover up unwanted smells in your house completely without being obnoxious and causing headaches. Perfect for covering the smell of diapers or pets! Highly highly recommend!
Febreze is awesome
Febreze smells great and last for a good amount of time.
Smells yummy!
I absolutely love the smell of this product. The aroma was long lasting and not too overbearing. Made the house and clothes have a clean, fresh smell. I would totally recommend this product.
Febreze Gain Scent
Love it!!Gain is my favorite laundry detergent and this febreze smells just like it and makes your home smell so fresh. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Always leaves a amazing smell!!
This is on my bi-weekly shopping list. I have four children in keep a can at all times in the rest room 3 of them are boys. This spray is amazing and takes the odor out of the room almost instantly. I will recommend this to all my family and friends and I will keep buying it. Another great perk is that you can buy it on Amazing deals and two cans for the price of one sometimes.
Amazing product!
I love the smell of this type of febreeze, gentle on the nose, gets rid of odors, and the added Gain smell amplifies the febreeze smell. Odors do not stand a chance.
I spray this product in my home when it smells. It takes away all the odors and leaves the fresh scent of gain

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