4.8 5 0 1301 1301 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
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Fresh is in the Air!
Febreeze with Gain is by far my favorite deodorizer! The sprayer makes it easy spritz around my home. It doesn’t stain fabrics so feel free to spray on cushions and curtains. I highly recommend it!
Eliminates order
Tried this it doesn't cover up the oder where you still smell a hint of the oder this takes its out if the air. I'm on a fixed in come so when it's on SALE I buy it
Best by far
This is by far my favorite air freshener. The scent last longer then other brands and leaves my home smelling heavenly. Visitors ask what I use because my home smells so good. I definitely recommend it. While it may cost a little more then other brands, it's well worth it.
Works better than expected...
My husband is a trucker who has to switch between 2 different truck. While the other guy is clean, it just has a cigar smoke smell to it. I use a half a bottle but I spray on every fabric surface and when I tell you it smelled awesome and actually lasted am not joking. My husband loves it and I love it as well. I recommend this product to anyone, who loves a nice clean fresh scent that traps those smells and eliminate the cause of then.
Nice smelling air freshener
This Febreze Air Freshener with again really smells like fresh laundry. It’s so nice to get rid of any stale smells or pet smells that may be in the room.
My favorite air freshener
I fell in love with this product the first time I tried it. I already loved my regular Febreeze air freshener, but I love Febreeze with Gain even more. I use Gain everything for my family’s laundry religiously so to me it was a no brainer to try a collaboration of two of my favorite products. I was not disappointed and actually loved it even more than I thought I would. The smell is fabulous without being too much. It make everything smell great and eliminates odors, it doesn’t just mask odors. This is my go to product for making my home smell great and I always keep several bottles in my home so I never run out. It is so worth it. It is the perfect air freshener for me and my family and I will be purchasing this for the rest of my life, literally. I HIGHLY recommend!!
Freshness Overload
Febreeze Gain scent is my favorite scent of all that I have purchased. It smells clean, and fresh. Makes me feel comfortable wherever I am. I have recommended it and will continue to do so.
Nose candy
Makes the air smell like fresh laundry is hanging from the ceiling
Love it
The refreshing scent of gain I love this stuff so much and you have not tried it I suggest you go get some ASAP.
Febreze with Gain scent
I love the Gain scent of this Febreze spray so much! I love anything Gain scented really. It lasts a long time on anything I spray it on. It's fresh and clean, like I just did a load of laundry with Gain detergent.
Absolute Favorite!!
Febreze Air Freshener with Gain is absolutely AMAZING! I'm addicted to this smell y'all!!!!!! The bottle is nice and sprays easily. The smell lasts a long time and is not overpowering. I love to spray it in accompaniment to using Gain laundry products. My house always smells amazing!
Smells good
I use this after I clean the house or room well every where mostly. This makes my house smell amazing and makes it smell like I was doing laundry when in fact I just finished cleaning. I would totally recommend this product to anyone that wants to make their living space more aromatic
I really like Febreze air fresheners for the room and also their other some of their other products are really good as well would recommend them and they have really great scents.
Like this sent so well. Use it at home and at our church to keep it fresh smelling.
Loved this
Very effective and the scent was not too strong leaving a clean smell to the room

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