4.8 5 0 1066 1066 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain Original Scent
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Only sprays I use
Of course, I only use Febreeze but the gain is great, gives it a smell more like actual laundry
Definitely give a try!!
This is my favorite scent of air freshener!! They really and truly smell amazing! I love how they paired with gain and I definitely love that scent!!!! Definitely recommend!!!
Didn't disappoint
My family loves febreeze. then you add gain and just wow. this product smells fab coming out and lasts for a very long time. It's very helpful with two kids under 5 that makes smelly messes.
Smells like you’ve been doing laundry all day!
Smells like you’ve been doing laundry all day!I absolutely love the smell of this air freshener! You can have the wonderful smell of gain throughout your house without having to do the chore of laundry. So if you love that laundry clean smell I would so recommend this scent!
I love this air freshener. There are coupons all the time and the scent of gain throughout the home is magnificent.
Clean Clean Clean
This product has multi-use. I use it as freshener on curtains and it does t stain them. I also use it as a furniture cleaner and the result is amazingly nice.
Nice fresh scent
Febreeze products never disappoint. Febreeze Gain left the air smelling fresh and killed the odors quite well.
Love it
It is one of my favorites. I love when my home smells good. I already love the gain scent, so this is not unexpected. The freshener sprays in a soft mist, the smell lasts for a while, and it is a fairly strong scent. I will continue to use this product.
Febreze Air
Great product, not an overwhelming scent. Definitely freshens up the air and fabrics. I also use this in my car. I would definitely recommend this because it has a nice clean scent
My go-to air freshener
Febreze is a my preferred air freshener and the Gain scent is, in my opinion, the superior of all the scents offered. We use Gain laundry detergent in our household, and I love that there aren't conflicting scents to deal with when I want to freshen up the place. The scent is super clean and isn't artificial smelling like others can be. Works great in areas with lots of soft surfaces if you have pets!
Febreze Air GAIN
I love Gain laundry detergent, so for Febreze to have a Gain scented spray, count me in. It is very light and doesn't get everything wet like most air fresheners. I sweep the air in every room of my house with it and the scent lasts for hours.
Love the Gain scents and febreeze power together! This is the only air freshener I will ever buy.
Smells great
This smells amazing!!! I keep this one in my car to go along with my vent clip! The pair make my car smell amazing!
Sooo good!
This air freshener goes the extra mile! It seems to still work hoyrs later and that tells me its not a cover over odors type spray. I only choose this scent in particularly.
I love Febreze and I love Gain’s original scent so this is, of course, a no-brainer for me - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Also, I send a huge shoutout to Febreze’s “engineers” for providing a sprayer I DON’T have to pump; I just hold & go - BRILLIANT!

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