4.8 5 0 1082 1082 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain Original Scent
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I love Febreze and I love Gain’s original scent so this is, of course, a no-brainer for me - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Also, I send a huge shoutout to Febreze’s “engineers” for providing a sprayer I DON’T have to pump; I just hold & go - BRILLIANT!
A good spray
If you like the smell of Gain you will love this air freshener. It smells very potent at first but quickly dissipates to leave a nice little smell afterwards. Its not as long lasting as I would hope for and it does take a heafty spray to permeate a larger room. I would still recommend this product.
Fabreze Odor Eliminates
This product does a good job of eliminating odors. It does not leave a heavy scent.
it is a great product
I absolutely LOVE the smell of this febreze air Spray. Freshens up the house perfectly, and smells fantastic!! It leaves a fresh scent and counteracts the noxious odors. Thank goodness for this stuff!
Gain + Febreeze = Magic
Gain is about the only thing I will use for laundry. Febreeze is about the only air freshener I will use! So whoever the genius was that put them together...thank you! This stuff makes the whole house smell amazing for quite awhile.
My nose told me so
Love it also tryed other smells. Due to my allergies it's hard to find a smell to agree with my nose.
Smells Great
I love this product. It makes the whole house smell great. While making beds I spray the sheets and comforter to give it that clean smell in-between washing. It eliminates pet odor also
this Febreze product is PERFECT. It removes odors most air fresheners.
I’m sorry but this scent is way too overpowering!!! My stomach is rolling a little right now as I’m leaving this review actually, just being reminded of it!! I’ll stick to my more natural approach-essential oils!!!
Nice scent
I like the Gain Febreze scent, but if you use to much it’s overwhelming. It’s a great odor eliminator.
All things Febreze
I love Febreze! It’s literally the only scenting things I use, people tell me to get glade, I’m like no way Febreze is were it’s at!!!!!!! I have tried probably every scent that the brand has!!! BUY FEBREZE!
Must Have
Febreeze is something I utilize on a daily basis, suggesting the fact I have pets and love to clean. Nothing better than a fresh smelling environment to come home to after working all day.
febreeze in the air
Febreeze is a product I can't live without. I have 2 cats and a dog. Spraying febreeze makes it smell so nice you would never know i have animals. I highly recomend it to everyone,
Clean smell
Not perfumy, but clean and clears the air. I love it because Febreze makes the air smell so fresh.
Makes your stuff smell delicious and lasts for awhile! Been using febreze for years. Easy to use

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