4.8 5 0 1338 1338 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain Original Scent
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Febreze is a must have!
Smell is amazing! Keeps odors out of home and freshens up your house. This is one of those items I go to everyday!
I use Febreze to refresh the lymphedema leg wrapping garments after I use the Flexitouch pump every night to reduce the size of my leg. I keep Febreze nearby so I can spray the garments and let them refresh and dry during the day.
Best Pet Refresh
I have been pet sitting a friends dog. Not used to a pet I notice odors easily. When the room smells doggie a quick spray refreshes the air and lasts many hours. Also banishes cooking odors.
Febreze Air With Gain
I love Febreze products, but when Gain was added to it, it took Febreze to a whole new level. I will never purchase anything but Febreze.
Love this febreze with Gain!
I love this product so much! It smells so good. I have stocked up on this so I don't run out. I only wish it would last longer in the air. It seems to go away in about 20 mins
smells nice works well
no standard air freshener kills all smells, but febreeze comes close while also leaving a nice smell. its a lighter mist so its not as wet or over bearing of a smell. my daughter always asks what smells nice when sprayed
Good smells
I'd have to say this is an amazing odor killer or cover upper but either way I have teenage children and as we know some teens can have some funky smells so when my kids are out somewhere I definitely go in their rooms and spray it down and it really works however it doesn't last as long as I'd like usually within the day it's done working.
Smells awesome
Easy and convenient to use with a fresh laundry scent The squeeze nozzle is easy to spray and my house smells amazing when I spray it and guests have even told me how good it smells.
My go to scent
Whenever I purchase febreeze anything, I always will purchase the gain smell. Original Gain smell is my most favorite and I love how febreeze covers any type of odor up immediately. They are the main air freshener product I purchase.
Go to
This Febreze is my go to! It never disappoints when it comes to making my house and clothes smell great!
Just smells like fresh
I just love febreeze with gain! It smells like what fresh should smell like. It gets rid of the harsh smells in my home. I have a cat and you wouldn't know because of using this. I'm going to continue to always use it. It is a fantastic smelling product.
Great Air Freshener
I loved this air freshener, I love the smell of gain products. I have one dog and I can spray this before I go to work and when I come back home I can still smell it, which is great.
Febreeze air freshener the gain original scent
my house smelle so good with Febreeze air freshener with gain original scent. I highly recommend it. The smell last for a long time when i use it, and it will make your house, curtains, and furniture smelling amazing.
Great smell!
I really like Febreze Air! This is a terrific product and leaves your rooms so clean and fresh. It's easy to use and I would recommend this product. The smell is like a breath of freshness inside any room.
Wonderful scent
I love the scent if gain, this air freshener is wonderful. I love to use it before company because its so clean smelling. I wish it were in a different bottle though. Something more sustainable and refillable.

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