4.8 5 0 1206 1206 Leaves a clean, fresh scent. Knocks out unpleasant aromas with one spray.
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Such a light fresh scent!
I LOVE all Febreze products to pieces. They work so so well. Thank goodness too because I'm the only girl in a house of boys😅 The scent of this is just right. It's light and pleasant. Not overwhelming. I love it! A little pricey but it is worth it.
Febreze air freshner
Super great scent and takes almost all scents away so quickly!
Febreze AIR Freshener with Gain
When to it comes to eliminating odors, no one does it better than Febreze, so my initial thought to this product was that it would definitely work in my homes with my odors I want eliminated. In trying the product, I thought it did a great job of removing the smell, but I thought that the smell of the product itself was too strong. It overtook the room and despite it being a rather pleasant scent, it was just too powerful.
Only one i use
Such great product that actually works and I will buy this every time.
Love the smell
Nothing takes the strong smells of of my boys bedrooms like GAIN Air Freshener.
Really good product the scense its so fresh and works perfect to eliminated oddors. Ideal for kitchen and bathroooms
Febreze Air Freshener w/ Gain
I love this scent. Its nice for spring and summer, clean and fresh like laundry. The smell is a little overpowering so I don’t use a lot but overall I like it.
Dogs had bad Reaction to this
Though this does have a pleasant scent BOTH of our German Shepherds began showing signs of an allergic reaction the day following of putting a few light sprays of this through out our open living room/dining/kitchen area . Their symptoms were coughing , running noses . Of course I stopped use immediately and they BOTH improved. Had to put warning out there though..as this could effect a tiny dog much worse as our boys weigh 120 lbs .each.
Fresh and clean
I love the smell of this product. However I feel like you hardly get anything for the cost. Some bottles are much fuller than others.
Gain sent
I really likes this a good fresh not overbearing sent it really helps me get my zen on
Long Lasting Freshness
The Fabreeze with gain air freshener really makes my home smell inviting ! I have 3 cats and a dog so it is important to me my home smells fresh and clean. I have tried many others but they just mask the smell then it comes back Fabreeze actually kills the scent and leaves a fresh smell behind.
I really enjoy the Febreze air fresheners they seem to last longer and make my house smell clean and fresh not overpowering, I get headaches if scents are too strong, I really like this product
Gets rid of oder fast and smells fresh and clean. House smells welcoming and homey.
Long Lasting Fresh Scent
I use Gain laundry detergent and my whole family loves the scent on our clothes so I decided to try this and we love it! It has a long-lasting, fresh scent that really makes the whole house smell freshly washed. It's a product that we will be using more often.
Great pairing
I like febreeze but when they paired it with Gain I loved it!! I like the scents better and they last longer. Still a great price!

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