4.5 5 0 503 503 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
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I have been in love with Febreeze products for many years. I also like anything that has the scent linen attached. Long lasting scent. Very nice, not too strong. Almost took me back when my Mother brought in laundry from the lines years ago. Thanx again Febreeze!
I have tried lots of various air fresheners and most are a disappointment and past a few days at most. These are the best, last the longest and have a variety of scents to choose from. Linen and Sky is one of my favorites.
Positive negative
I have tried this product few times and there is more positive than negative to say. I love the smell it is fresh and crisp. I found it at a reasonable price! Now negative is the scent does not last very long. as little as 4 days and at most lasts 6 days!
Febreze car scents
They make ur car smell fresh and Clean especially in the summer heat. I love getting in my car and taking a nice deep breath.
Vehicles smell great!!
I use these in both our vehicles & love the scents, always smells nice inside. My only complaint is that they do not last anywhere near what they say they will. The price is great though and will keep using them.
Smells Good and Gets the Job Done
I've purchased these air fresheners several times for my husbands truck and I really like the smell and the strength of the smell. The smell was not overwhelming and covered any odors without just mixing a bad smell with the freshener. Only complaint is that they lasted longer, which was definitely not the stated "60 days".
Great Scent
I have bought this several different times,It's says "60 days it lasts, But even on low setting,I'm lucky if i get a whole 30 days
Excellent product with long lasting scent
I have used this product for a long time and none of the fragrances have ever let me down. They keep my car smelling great and they last a long time too.
Smells great
We always use this brand and scent because it's the only one that me and my husband agree on.
Work for about 3 days and then you can't smell it anymore if it even stays into your little heater vent not impressed with this product
Smells great!
I have tried many air fresheners for the car but this was great! It reminds me of fresh linen just pulled off the wash cord from outside. It has a long lasting scent (up to 45-50 days) but a delicate scent not over powering. Worth a try!
Air freshener
I wish the scent would last longer than it does. Living with two teenage sons and the boy funk that comes out of their rooms kinda scares me when fabreeze doesn’t cover it.
Car air freshner
Yes I've tried this, it smells really great an lasts a very long time,.ive had one in my truck for over three months now, and it still smells great.
Got rid of Gasoline smell!
My husband put a motorcycle in the back of my car and it leaked gas all over the place. I tried everything to get rid of the smell. I finally used two of these, one in each vent, and after 3 days, the smell was gone! I love febreeze products, but this really put them to the test!
Little disappointed
I love febreze products, this one smelled great but I didn't think it lasted but a week or two.

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