4.5 5 0 651 651 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
Febreze CAR Air Freshener Linen & Sky
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Febreeze car
My husband smokes and he uses these in his truck and it makes his truck smell so amazing like you would almost never know that he smokes. So I decided to buy them for my truck and I get so many compliments
Awesome product!
These make my car smell incredible! and the scent lasts so long! I get compliments on it often! Its not to overpowering at all which is perfect for me. Highly recommend for anyone!
Smells great!
I use these Febreze CarAir Fresheners all the time. Just hook them on to your air condition vents and the smell pulls out from the air conditioner. These smell great! I don't go with out them in my cars.
nice smell
its a great way to get rid all the bad smell from your car and creates such a nice pleasant atmosphere in the car. it comes in so many different fragrances and is pretty long lasting.
Smelling good
I really like this dose so much better than most I I just wish you had a antibacterial with all of the covid
Smell great
These have lots of yummy scents only down fall is they dont last long but I still like them and us them
Smells great
It definitely makes my car smells great. It doesn’t have a strong smell. The only down side is that it doesn’t last long. It’s not to.
Great Smell
I have one of these in my car right now and love the smell of it. What i don't like is that it runs out so fast so i have to buy another one in less than 30 days. I do recommend it though to anyone wanting a clean smelling air freshener
Love These
I love these for my car. They have an indicator to change how much of the scent is released and it helps to keep it from being too overpowering. My car smells great and I don't have to worry about anything obstructing my view from the rearview mirror.
fresh for hours
these might be small but pack a powerful punch , and smell oh so good
Doesnt last long
These are ok for the first 2 days then they dont seem to work. Wouldn't waste my money on them when theres plenty of other options for a car freshner
Long-lasting and powerful!
These are the only air fresheners I use in my truck. The scents are heavenly and, in my experience, last a good long while! And I really like the fact that they don't just cover up odors, they actually get rid of them! You will not regret purchasing!
Smell doesn't last
I have bought these and other sents a few times. They smell great at 1st. But the smell is usually none existant by the next day. Even if you put your heat or AC on full blast through that vent. So they are ok for a 1 day thing but not if you want to keep your vehicle smelling good for a week or more. They are just as bad as the pine trees that lose smell after a day. I do not recommend waisting money on these.
Great smells from your car
I've used these febreze car clips for a while. I've never been disappointed with them. The Linen and Sky sent is my favorite. Every time I get in. The car it smells great. Be it 3-4 days between uses or multiple times a day you can smell the freshness. It's not overpowering take your breath away, I find it to be the perfect amount of scent.
Febreze linen & sky refreshner
has a nice pleasant scent noticed car smelled a little bit nice do like this particular scent mostly leaves a clean feeling! doesn't last very long definitely recommend for sure

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