4.5 5 0 540 540 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
Febreze CAR Air Freshener Linen & Sky
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I love the smell of these, they just don’t last long. They only last maybe a week and a half, at the most. I would recommend these though.
Great Scent For My Car
I love the long lasting scent. Easy to spray. It definitely neutralizes the orders. I like the effectiveness of this product. No cons with this product. I would definitely recommend.
I am a smoker
I am a smoker, and have tried many different things in the car for a fresh scent. These work! People who know i smoke in my car get in and say "it doesn't even smell like you smoke in here"
Works on those kid smells!
I love these in my car. I have a 7 and 1 year old that tend to leave food and old sippy cups in the car and even when they are there for days the air freshener dissipates the smell
Amazing & Long Lasting
My fiance and I love these car air freshners. Febreze is our number one choice for our vehicle. They have a range of scents that we can choose from so it isn't too fruity for him. They last at least a month and just smell amazing. Great product that I suggest to all my friends and family.
Car freshener
This is an awesome product...a little overwhelming upon first use, but becomes mild and pleasant. Long lasting, only complaint is that it uses one of my ports. Wonder if they could make it into a dual type plug?
Fabulous Fragrance
Febreze Car Air Freshener is designed to fight odors in your car! Simply plug the device into a 12V outlet!
Loved the crisp clean smell, wasnt to over powering but definitely masked the stuffy smell that was lingering in our vehicles.
Febreese car freshener
The febreese car freshener works awesome the sent is great and it lasts longer than other car fresheners
Car smells good
I'm a smoker and I smoke in my car and these do cover that smell, I can get in my car and it never smells like smoke now I do have 4 of them in my car
That moment when you step into your car and the amazing smell hits you... yeap thats what this does to me every time i use it in my car. I would for sure recommend it to everyone.
Yes, yes and yes is the answer if you’re asking yourself, “should I buy this?” I’ve had one in my car for a year now and if it’s a warm day it’ll still smell the car up. Always leaves a fresh smell.
Fresh car
Easy to install, very appealing to add to any vehicle - Leaves your car smelling good, clean & fresh for quite a while.
Good smelling. they are good if you have kids. good varity of scents so if you look to mask your nasty kids or overall nasty car i recommend . they just run out pretty fast so a little inconvenient.
Febreze car
Love Love Love these for my car they last forever leaving your car smelling fresh

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