4.5 5 0 557 557 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
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Tough on strong odors
I am a smoker that smokes in the car. I use the febreze odor removers one of the time on my car air conditioning vent. It lasts three to four weeks. And it covers up the toughest odor cigarette smoke. Highly recommend definite will buy again!
Close as can be to new car smell
I love the smell of original febreze, and clean linen is one of my favorite scents, so i bought these for the car. Right away they had a nice strong clean smell (a major plus when you have kids in the car). As time went on though, the product continued to make th car smell fresh and clean. I will definitely keep buying these!
New car
I keep these in my car to keep the new car smell . nothing better than getting into your car with the fresh wonderful smell of Febreze
Try them
I buy them sometimes but they are expensive i can a buy them if you can send me a sample
Love it
I love the smell! I like how the smell last all day and night in your car. I can go in my car in the morning and still smell it, and same when I get off work.
Love the way these smell.. and they actually do hold their scent for quite a while! Sorry nice and refreshing.
Long lasting
I loved these car air fresheners. They lasted longer than I expected and smelled so amazing.
Car air freshner
Smells really good, but not too strong. I do buy it repeatedly, but it does not last long enough is the only dislike about it.
Car smells brand new
I’m a mother of 3 ages ranging from 1-13 and also 2 chihuahuas who go everywhere with us bc they think they are humans. Plus I’m a soccer, basketball, baseball, and cheer mom so u know my car goes through a lot of food, sweat, and just funk all around. Pop a couple of these Febreze car clips into your car and all the kids will be asking “mom when did u clean the car”. When obviously I didn’t if they just looked around 😂 but the smell febreze brings to tour car will make it smell brand new or at least like a fresh laundry or a vacation..depending on the scent of course.
Not Long Lasting
I have tried many car fresheners over the years and love Febreeze Original fabrice freshener. I thought this would be a great thing, especially for my parents truck, I frequently drive my mother to town. I put one in my van and one in their truck, both seem to have run out within a week period and neither had that great Febreeze clean linen scent I was so hoping for.
A great way to ride my n a smelly vehicle.
I get extremely car sick. So to be honest with you we don’t count air fresheners in our vehicles much. My husband however works in Major Construction so he is alWays keeping his vehicle dirty. I can actually ride in his truck with febreeze in the vents. It causes no nausea and actually ride the smell in his truck.
Works well
We have this in 2 vehicles and it works really well. Car smells fresh
refreshing scent
I really like this product. It is just the right amount of scent for your car. It smells really nice but it's not too strong.
Car sense
This is the only air freshener that I use in my car. Last long.
Love these things
I love having things that smell nice in my car, and these things are great. They aren't too expensive and they last awhile. I think they could make ones that last longer tho.

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