4.5 5 0 603 603 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
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Fresh clean scent
I have been using this product for years! I will only use the clean linen and new car scent. It’s not an overwhelming scent, it’s mild and works great.
Ie was clean fresh smell could have lasted longer than two weeks I’m smoker. Like
Fabreze Car Air Freshner Linen & Sky
Omg. Love this product. Love the smell. Invigorating fresh smell it leaves behind.
Great smell
I love this product. It smells so good and does last a very long time which is amazing
A great buy
This is one of the best that I've tried by far it smells awesome and lasts a long time my car smelled great and when I had others in the car they would tell me how great my car smelled!
Vrooms Away Most Odors
These did a fantastic job overall but they don't clear all odors. If you have a dad like me that stinks up the car on our rides, this doesn't really kick that stench but it does really good on other odors! It definitely is a must-have!
My Truck smells amazing
I started trying Febreeze vent clips for my Truck in August and I have kept fresh ones installed ever since! I am one of those people who must have their vehicle smelling great at all times. Every person who got in my truck and I mean every single person commented on how wonderful it smelled! They all asked what I used to make it smell so great! So of course I shared with them how much I love Febreeze vent clips for my Truck. They are long lasting and smell absolutely wonderful literally down to the last drop. Any other car air freshener seems to lose its scent so quickly but not Febreeze! I have them in all three of my vehicles now and plan on always having them in all my vehicles in a regular basis. Definitely give 5 out of 5 stars! I have recommended to all my friends and family and will continue to do so. Amazing product! Thank you Febreeze!
Great at first!! Febreze car air freshener!!
I loved these febreze car air fresheners the first and second day! However after the second day the "fresheners" were not freshening or putting off the amazing fresh linen smell that they put off the first and second day. It's not that I've gotten use to it. It's that they stop working wich really bugs me, because at that point you're really only paying for the name! I'm sorry but I can not get behind just paying for the "febreze" name. If somehow febreze could make their car scents last longer like maybe an entire week then that would be something I could definitely get behind!
I love this product! They are long lasting and smell great! Would definitely purchase again!
Fresh Car for people with kiddos.
These smell so good, I’ve used them for years. They aren’t too strong but with kids they are definitely a necessity. My car doesn’t smell like chicken nuggets and French Fries all the time.
Really good smell
Really good smell and lasts long I really recommend it
Soft and Light but quickly goes away
This product doesn't last long in the south for me but the scent is wonderful if you like the smell of clean linen.
Great smell
I love smelling these in my car down to the length of the smell and how it last so long. Family always uses it too and recommend me it since then i never stopped purchasing :) worth every penny
I use frebeze in my car and it smells great. Clean fresh smell. Will continue to use in my car
Febreezy Fresh
I have a pair in every car! It smells really fresh. I usually have to replace them about every week or 10 days. I kinda wish they would last longer. It definitely works to get rid of smells.

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