4.5 5 0 514 514 Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with OdorClear™ Technology so they're gone for good.
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Smell of success
This product helps eliminate the toughest or Odors like smoke and pet. Loved mine.
Great product 👍
Good Especially with the deals available currently... BOGO febreeze and car clips ..
Like it
Wish the fragrance wasnt overpowering at first and the smell stayed constant
Febreze CAR Air Freshener Linen & Sky
Very powerful little units. Pleasant scent, but can be overwhelming. I tried not opening the package the whole way and that seemed to do the trick. Recommended.
febreze car air freshner
wish the smell lasted longer actually besides that it smells so... good
smells great
Febreze always makes great smelling products. Love these, they smell great and leave a long lasting smell
Your car will smell amazing
Once you use these you will never be able to purchase a traditional car air freshener again. They last for a long time for how much product is in them, and they work right when you take off the backing and clip them to your vent. Guests in your car will typically mention how good it smells. However, this is pretty strong so if you are sensitive to scents or don't like strong scents I would avoid these.
Smell amazing
I love it's easy to click into your car vents and you just snap the back in and it's ready to get your car smelling amazing. The only thing I wish is that it would last longer but other than that I love these .every time I get into my car it smells new and I dont have to be embarrassed if my friends get in and smells something bad lol. I so Recommend this.
Smells good
I bought this and put it in my truck and it made it smell good even could smell it weeks later good products
Fresh and Clean
I love the Febreze car air freshners!!!! They smell amazing, without being overpowering. Makes my car smell fresh for days!!!! Only problem is they empty way too fast!!!!
Fresh at first.
I have used these air fresheners. An yes they smell good at first but a week goes by and they are fading away fast. Then you're left with a clip of liquid filled freshener on the dash. Until you finally get a new one.
I have been in love with Febreeze products for many years. I also like anything that has the scent linen attached. Long lasting scent. Very nice, not too strong. Almost took me back when my Mother brought in laundry from the lines years ago. Thanx again Febreeze!
I have tried lots of various air fresheners and most are a disappointment and past a few days at most. These are the best, last the longest and have a variety of scents to choose from. Linen and Sky is one of my favorites.
Positive negative
I have tried this product few times and there is more positive than negative to say. I love the smell it is fresh and crisp. I found it at a reasonable price! Now negative is the scent does not last very long. as little as 4 days and at most lasts 6 days!
Febreze car scents
They make ur car smell fresh and Clean especially in the summer heat. I love getting in my car and taking a nice deep breath.

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