4.6 5 0 11 11 Fibre One protein unsweetened granola cereal. Maple brown sugar. 20% daily value of fibre.
Fibre One Protein Cereal
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The benefits of fiber and the indulgence of Maple Brown Sugar all in one.Gotta try this
I haven't tried this cereal or even seen it at the store I shop at. I'd like to try it. Sounds and looks good
I have not tried this but it looks appealing. It would be worth a try.
I am on a special diabetic high blood pressure diet so this cereal could be just the thing I need to add to my diet. As I am undernourished. I also have to take prescription vitimins 3 of them due to lack of nutrients. All cause I have no teeth.
I love maple and brown sugar, and would love to try this. This looks like it would be great as a yogurt topping as well.
I have not yet tried this, but it does sound great, i love maple and brown sugar oatmeal, so this should be really good.
Omg, this cereal looks so delicious and its healthy. We only eat cereals like this. Would love to try this one. Mmmmmmm.
I need this. Fiber is something I look for in my cereals
I would love to try this cereal. I need more fiber and protein in my diet. Also, it looks yummy!
Omg,this looks so good.I need more proteinand fiber.PPLEASE send me . A sample
I'm always looking for more protein in my diet & most of them taste cardboardish so I'd love to try this the flavor sounds yummy
Would love to try this new Fiber One protein cereal, I need more fiber in my life.
This seems like it would be good cereal. We eat a lot of cereal!!!
I think I'll try this when I see it in the store. I like the fiber content and the protein.
I want to try this and some healthy cereal in the morning.

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