Finish Powerball All in 1 Max

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Finish Powerball All in 1 Max


Works well
I have this product right now I think it worked well. I don't have spots or food left on dishes. I did not pre-wash my dishes before hand so that was impressive. I would buy this product again.
Shiny glass!
These are our family's new favorite- they clean the glassware so well that there are no streaks and they shine like never before. Bought the bulk pack from Costco because we love these!
Feel ok about it
Yes, it cleans the dishes but I prefer another brand. It works, would def buy on sale , I like not having to use messy powder. Glass comes out looking better
Our go-to dishwasher cleaner
We have tried various brands and types of dishwasher cleaner. I find that this is the best overall brand and type because it includes everything in one easy to use product. No paper to tear open and get your hands dirty. They come individually wrapped with self melting plastic. They leave our dishes sparkling clean. They might be a tad more expensive than competitors but well worth it. I find I'm using less of the liquid glass cleaner in my dishwasher and these little cubes do an excellent job!
sprakles dishes
these are the only tablets i use finish clean my dished and no resudie or grease left behind this is a great product i usefd and recommend
Ok Product
I really feel this product only works well depending on your dishwasher and your water where you live. When I owned my home I used this all the time and loved it! Then I moved states and rent and I feel like it does not clean as well and leaves a powdery residue, but again that could be the dishwasher and hard water where I now live.
Laundry soap
Good product. Would recommend to my friends and family. I will use product again.
Out of all the dishwasher tabs these are my favorites. They leave your dishes clean without the streaks.
Perfect finish
Finish is the BEST product for cleaning dishes safely in your dishwasher. It also does NOT leave any residue when it is completed. Finish is the only product that I use for my dishwasher.
Finish Powerball All in 1 Max!
The Finish Powerball All in 1 Max gives the best cleaning to my dishes, and always makes them shiny when my dishes come out of the dishwasher. I love using the Finish Powerball All in 1 Max, as I have found that thius is the best dishwasher detergent I have ever used.
Great Overall Product
Overall, I really think that this product does a great job of getting my dishes clean, but it does leave me slightly disappointed if I put a dish in with stuck on food product. I do wish it did a little bit better on stuck on food residue. Typically I end up having to hand wash these products after they go through the dishwasher.
I absolutely love these tablets. They clean so well. My family never rinses the dishes before throwing in dishwasher and these tablets still get them clean! They are a must have in our home.
Very good tabs and easy to use
Clean when I open the door to the pod holder after washing the dishes. I am very impressed with the cleaning power of these dishwasher pods!!!
Not the best nor the worst
It isn’t the worst I’ve used! I just figured with it being a big name brand that it would be much better than what it is!
I used this product as a last resort because I could no longer find loose powder dishwasher detergent. Worst decision ever! This product left a black residue all over my dishwasher that required lots of scrubbing to remove. If a dishwasher detergent requires you to do more cleaning then that's a hard pass!

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