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Folgers Black Silk Decaf
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I can't have caffeine/but this Folger's decaffinated really hit the spot,if us bipolar you know to stay away from any caffeinated coffees but the decaffeinated coffee/well it was good/especially if you love coffee and love folgers!!
El café Folgers descafeinado tiene un delicioso sabor. Es suave y no es amargo. La mejor manera de comenzar el día es con una taza de este café. ¡Simplemente exquisito!
this folgers coffee is really good I'm a coffee Drinkerand this coffee was very I would recommend thisproduct .
I am a Folgers coffee drinker, usually the regular blend, but I had to try this. I was a little disappointed, it seemed more bitter than silky.
Since I sometimes drink more then one cup of coffee a day I decided to switch to decaf. I drink medium to medium dark coffee and wanted the darkness of regular coffee with decaf so I went with this but it was too strong. All I do is add less coffee and it is perfect. This is the main decaf coffee I buy, the other are backups for when I run out.
I can't not live with out coffee I love my coffee anything to do with coffee.would love to try this out
I love the Folgers products. My husband loves this but I did not. I am a casual coffee drinker and he is hard core. I found this too strong for my taste. He however loves it.
Iam a huge coffee fan! Not usually de--caf but this is the best!
Since my husband and I both have high blood pressure, we have had to switch to decaf coffee. I must say, we both love the Folgers Black Silk. Great flavor! We drink it everyday. Thanks Folgers!
Deep bold taste is what I like in coffee and this has that and more. Absolutely no bitter taste just a great cup of coffee without any jitters. Love all Folger's coffees, could not start my day without a cup of coffee and it is always Folgers.
My husband, who likes a strong coffee liked this very much. I, on the other hand, like a milder coffee.
I have tried this and its actually pretty tasty. I like Folger's coffees
yes, i have tried this product I really like it!! its a good change. I am a regular drinker of Folgers, and this one, is a nice change. It has a smoother flavor, good aroma, yet a little stronger than the regular Folgers!! I llike this as a change, like when I know i have a lot to do on a certain day, or when i need a stronger pick-me-up, to get me thru the day, this coffee is good for this. it is also good for just relaxing, and chatting with friends. I had a coupon, so I tried this when it was on sale. i would definetly recommend this coffee. Its almost like an expresso to your regular coffee. Thank-You Folgers!!
Unfortunately Folger's has lost it's edge. the taste is bitter, and gives me heart burn. It doesn't taste fresh.
I saw this flavor in a store and had to try it! I have family members who are told they have to have decaf over the high test. In order for me to to get the best deal and my favorite flavor, I do have to go to places like WalMart. However, when I spotted this in a small size, I had to get it! It still had the same great taste but somehow made me feel better that I wasn't drinking the high test stuff. I am an avid coffee drinker so my pot a day addiction that I refuse to give up, this hits the spot. I just wish they would make it in a big container or it was offered at every store.

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