4.4 5 0 185 185 Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffee brings you distinctive naturally flavored coffee made with real ingredients for a rich, satisfying taste.
Folgers Simply Gourmet, Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee
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This is so delicious and very smooth flavor. It really has a nice sweet flavor to it. I love to pair this with a vanilla creamer. The quality is very nice. I highly recommend to anyone who likes flavored coffee.
Yuck, this is definitely not my "cup of tea"! The packaging is pretty and it does smell nice when opened, smells fresh and strong. But i couldn't get past the taste. I'm a bit of a coffee snob so I should've known better than purchasing Folgers but I have to say it was gross and I wouldn't recommend
Ground Coffee
I normally do not drink coffee, but I thought it was interesting to give it a try from this product. When I first tried it, I thought it was overall easy to make. The texture were not completely smooth, but it was sweet enough.
Folgers Simply Gourmet, Natural Caramel Flavored Ground Coffee. Taste great and smells wonderful
Folgers simply garmae carmel coffee
I Love Folgers carmel coffee. The taste of it is great. I always keep this brand of coffee in my house at all times.
I love coffee and i tired this and i just couldn't stomach it was way to sweet. i would not get it again. YUCK.. It was nasty. Less sugar more caramel. It was just blah. I am not wasting anymore money on this crap
The smell alone is worth it
Smells and tastes so good I use this coffee in the afternoon with some half and half no additional flavor needed
The smell says it all
You don't even need to open the bag to know what you're about to have. Just open it,put it in your coffee maker and make it. The smell wafts all through the house, and the flavor is just what your expecting. I've told many people about it, after trying they agree. It's a winner.
Great coffee
I love caramel..this coffee has a strong caramal taste and I really enjoyed it.
I'll stick with regular coffee
I like to try flavored coffees. I'd love to find one that I really like, and Folgers Natural Caramel came close. It is the best flavored coffee that I've tried, but sadly the flavor just didn't sell me, so I won't purchase it again. The flavoring and coffee grounds marry, creating a bitter flavor instead of a more natural caramel flavoring. Compared to regular coffee with caramel syrup or caramel creamer, Folgers Natural Caramel just doesn't work for me. I'll stick to my regular Folgers coffee and continue purchasing creamer.
Great flavored coffee
This coffee has a great strong flavor that makes it easy to drink, even just as black coffee. The aroma is pleasant and is great to start your day with
Wow is all I can say about this coffee. Its so creamy and it makes the taste buds pop with excitement
Best Flavored Coffee
I have been on a quest to give up coffee creamer for some time now and was struggling lots. One day my husband did some shopping and picked up Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel. I thought well this might work and sure enough it was! A great tasting flavor and I have no need for creamer any longer! Great prices as well! I am hooked and have finally found my favorite!
Best coffee in the world
I am a huge coffee drinker and Folgers has always been my go to for store bought coffee. This flavor is truly rich and sweet with every sip. Best with a hot muffin or coffee cake, or even a slice of regular cake, and if you're not care you just might fall in love with this bag of coffee. Also try the simply chocolate in this brand as well as your whole house will smell heavenly every morning.
So smooth!
I love this caramel coffee! It's perfect if you don't like super strong coffee. It's just the right smoothness, the flavor is great!

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